Russian skiers took the podium in the sprint at the stage of Tour de Ski in Germany


BERLIN, Dec. 31. Russian skiers took the podium in the classic sprint in the third stage stage race "Tour de Ski" in Oberstdorf.

The first was Nikita Kryukov, the second — Alexey Petukhov, third — Nikolay Morilov. In fourth place — another Russian Dmitry Yaparov. Norway’s Petter Northug in the final race fell, slowing down the Swiss Dario Cologna — so both failed to fight for the victory.

Women Russia’s Natalia Matveeva finished fourth in the final. First came Justyna Kowalczyk of Poland, the second and the third — the Norwegians Marit Bjoergen and Astrid Jacobsen.

Athletes in a great mood began to prepare for the New Year.

The holiday, however, is quite modest. Head coach of Russian Yuri Kaminsky told Itar-Tass that the athletes are limited to a glass of champagne, and then go to bed, because the next race stage race will take place tomorrow, January 1st. "Now, get together as a team, have a drink and a glass of champagne, probably all. Athletes will celebrate the New Year on Russian time and will not wait for midnight here / Germany /. Usually this happens in the "Type" — smiled the coach.

"Well what can I say outright beat" — continued Kaminski, commenting on skiers in the sprint. "It coincided: waxing, very good condition, were able to recover from yesterday’s race," — he added.

"Surprised Yaparov, although it last year at the" Tour de Ski "went into the semi-finals. A little surprised and Petukhov — leading the race, a very active tactic is technically too pleased — we worked a lot on it, and, finally, the work produced results, "- said the coach.

Results Women Kaminsky also considered good. "Basically, you can say, well made. It is a pity that Matveeva took fourth place, but before her final health problems, with the stomach. So it is very good that she showed in this state such a result. In addition, Dotsenko finally took place in the semi-finals. From Korosteleva I would like more, but a classic move for her non-core "- summed up the coach.

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