Russian smartphone with two screens will be produced in Singapore

 Smartphone YotaPhone, announced in December 2012 by the Russian company Yota Devices, will be in Singapore, said in a press release.

Issue of units will charge a Singapore company Hi-P. Yota Devices already has experience with it: Singaporeans do for the Russians routers and modems, said CNET News. In addition, Hi-P has worked with Apple and BlackBerry and released E-reader for Amazon.

Yota Devices will open a sales office in Singapore to serve the customers in Asia and a research and development. The company already has development teams in Russia, Finland and the United States. Headquartered Yota Devices (company in 2011, separated from the operator Yota) in Moscow.

Hi-P — is not the only foreign company that collaborates with Yota Devices. Color screens for smartphones YotaPhone will be releasing a Japanese association of Japan Display, black-and-white screens — Taiwan’s E-Ink, and the processors will supply company Qualcomm.

YotaPhone smartphone is endowed with two screens. Zanimaet4 front panel, 3-inch color LCD touch screen and rear — black-and-white e-ink display. E-ink screens are easier to read and consume less power than LCD screens.

About operator Yota plans to release a smartphone for the first time became known in 2010, when the head of "Russian Technologies" Chemezovshowedprototype device, Dmitry Medvedev. Chemezov said that smartphones are planned to produce in Russia, and said that they will go on sale in 2011.

In 2012, announcing YotaPhone, company Yota Devices acknowledged that the device will be manufactured abroad, but noted that the smartphone is Russia’s development. A few months before the announcement, however, a similar device with two screensshowedCompany E-Ink.

Yota Devices demonstrated YotaPhone smartphone at CES, which was held in January 2013 in Las Vegas. The unit has received several awards, including the prize «Best of CES» («The best on the CES»), handing the publication of CNET. Smartphone to go on sale in the second half of 2013, the first country where you can buy YotaPhone, will Russia.

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