Russian soldiers are getting more calories than the U.S.


The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation launched a television broadcast commercials, which claims that the power of the army has become much better. And the number of calories Russian soldiers, even ahead of the Americans. And the organization "Soldiers’ Mothers acknowledged that soldiers no longer keep a hungry body as it was in the nineties of the last century.

As the press service of the Defense Ministry, according to the order of the Ministry regarding food security troops, which entered into force on 21 June 2011, recruits get food three times a day. And since January 2012, the soldier’s power is provided by civic organizations. According to representatives of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces, the transition to outsourcing is the result of a significant improvement in the diet of personal sostava.Ezhednevno soldiers get about 4400 calories, which is vastly superior to the figure in the armed forces of the United States, Germany, France and the UK. In the new menu always included fruit juices, and all known barley, on the contrary, has disappeared (although it should be noted that it is very useful for the body!).

In addition, soldiers can eat more in certain circumstances: when an additional load during the exercise, physical fitness, many kilometers of marches, as well as in mountainous areas and in the cold season.

It should be noted also that the more calories get conscripts — Marines and the troops of the Navy. There are four meals provided, except holidays and weekends.

If you compare the power in the Russian army with the U.S., the U.S. Army’s daily diet should not exceed 3600 calories. If it is a heavy load in physical training — he is 4-5 thousand calories, and if conducted training in a mountainous area with equipment — this figure increases to 6-7 thousand calories. All these conditions are spelled out in the recommendations for nutrition standards for each type of troops: Army, air force and navy. The basis of the recommendations put years of research, which was conducted specifically commissioned by the military command. Moreover, the very structure of the Ministry of Defense of the United States, there is even a special research institute.

All of the standards prescribed by average parameters. Thus, the average weight of the American army military men is 79 kg and height 175 cm, females — 62 kg with height 163 cm. If a person does not fit the parameters for him specially selected diet. If a soldier has a problem with being overweight, his daily ration should not exceed 1500-1600 calories.

In addition, special conditions are prescribed and when you need to increase supply. It’s not just the cold weather, when the diet should be increased by 5.10 percent, but the hot season, when the diet is increased by 2.5-10 percent. Indicated and the amount of nutrients that should be contained in the food. Thus, the amount of fat should not exceed 30 percent protein — 10-15 percent carbohydrates — 50-55 percent.

Speaking of the Russian army, there exists diametrically opposite problem — it is underfed conscripts. Their exact number is unknown because statistics are kept off-line medical unit of the military units. Of course, it is obvious that the reason for this state of affairs is not the army, the root of the problem lies in the families of military personnel.

Currently, soldiers who have problems with low birth weight, in addition outstanding product. They are grouped into a single category, which, as well as too high the soldiers put a separate cook. According to the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, for the soldiers of underweight at the beginning, a course pullup, and the level of physical activity for them is significantly reduced. It was only after the weight comes back to normal, such recruits can start classes on a par with the rest.

Recently, more and more complaints from commanders refers to poor physical fitness of soldiers. Therefore, the Ministry of Defence has decided to increase the time of the physical training of personnel to 25 hours weekly. In this context has changed and the daily routine: he was enabled hour afternoon nap, a night’s rest is increased by half an hour. Also, soldiers will be able to rest longer on weekends. Similar changes have been made possible partly due to the transition to outsourcing, since the focus is on military training rather than daily outfit for the implementation of chores.

Positive aspects of the transition to outsourcing and celebrate the organization Soldiers’ Mothers. " According to its representatives, human rights activist Valentina Melnikova, now the complaints about bad food there is little, in contrast to the 1990s, when the soldiers were starving because of money on their food did not stand out, and to be honest, they are simply not there. She notes that one of the few issues of the new system is the appearance of lines at the table, but such cases are not very frequent and almost without conflicts are resolved. V.Melnikova also says that the only part of the military personnel who may be unhappy with nutrition — those soldiers who have to work in the field. It is usually exercises, works for ammunition disposal in landfills. Here there may be interruptions in the supply of food.

Recall, the new domestic security of the Russian army — outsourcing — now part of the overall reform of the armed forces. Its essence lies in the fact that instead of tylovikov Nachprod and problems of food security and supply vessels began to engage in civil cook. Of course, the problems with the new system lacks — that poisoning, the lack of food …

It is noteworthy that a monopoly in providing food to the armed forces became … Voyentorg. It was he who made the bulk of contracts with outsourcing companies, which are now entrusted with the task to ensure the soldiers food. The new system is a good idea has taken root in the central regions, particularly in elite units. If you talk about the periphery, the situation is somewhat different. The point is to find professionals who would be able to cook a quality meal for the soldiers a little bit. A soldier for such work already attract prohibited.

Thus, if outsourcing is quite suitable for the capital of the province that is a big problem, because at the forefront not the quality of food and the desire to "climb" into the allocated funds, the more so in a new environment and the increased cost of maintaining one soldier . So, if before it amounted to 115 rubles, it has now grown to 195 rubles.

So many, and believe that with the abolition of the government army kitchen with the War Department a little rushed, changed "on the scooter bike." If we move to outsourcing, then the state control should be on the level. Otherwise — as stolen and will steal …

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