Russian soldiers will be able to sleep in the snow


New winter form of Russian troops can withstand 40-degree cold and allow soldiers to lie down in the snow for four hours without harm to health. By frost it is superior to foreign counterparts — in particular, the form of the Finnish army.

Winter uniforms Russian soldiers have repeatedly criticized — particularly after a number of cases of frostbite recruits last winter. Now the Ministry of Defence says that a new form has been tested and will withstand any cold weather. The Russian military because of this outfit will be able to serve in a particularly cold climate conditions, including the Arctic.

"Today we have a dress code for regions with extremely cold climatic conditions — in particular, for the Arctic brigades. Four hours soldier can sleep in the snow, while the Arctic Circle, with no health effects ", — quotes the head of the Department of Management glove resource supply the Russian Defense Ministry Colonel Andrei Podoprigorina RIA Novosti reported.

He noted that the development of forms of relevant experiences northern neighbors — in particular, Finland. Podoprigorin said that the density of insulation and frost Russian winter form is superior Finnish. Her trial was held in extreme conditions. Found that because of her soldiers will be able to withstand the cold of minus 40 degrees.

Andrew Podoprigorin reported that one set of winter clothes worth 2443 rubles, and the summer, cotton — 996 rubles. He also said that in areas with extremely cold climatic conditions further military coats are issued based on half the number of units, and in cold areas — one-third of the personnel. Boots and fur mittens are issued to all military personnel — regardless of region.

Another new development for the army was protected from suit microwave radiation, developed for military personnel who perform military service in a segregated unit Corps.

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