Russian space experiment laser communication system (TBE


The first stage of the space experiment to demonstrate the Russian technology of laser space communications

  • Airborne laser communication terminal (BTLS) Source: JSC "SPC" SPP "
  • Airborne laser communication terminal (BTLS) Source: JSC "SPC" SPP "

For the first time in Russia carried out the transfer of information on the laser channel at speeds of 125 Mbit / s and 622 Mbit / s on board the low-orbit spacecraft (ISS) to the ground station (Station optical observations "Arhiz" North Caucasus). Given that the energy source has a supply channel of at least twice the transmission and reception of three times can further increase the data transmission rate up to 3.5 Gbit / s or more, and the amount of information transmitted per session 100GB or more (about 10000 high-resolution image.)  

CE "SLS" was conducted from mid-2011 until July 2013 JSC "SPC" SPP "together with" RSC "Energia". SP Queen in the long-term program of scientific and applied research and experiments on the International Space Station (ISS).

In the course of the experiment performed more than 100 transmissions of information, which allowed:

— develop technology for precision guidance of mutual airborne and ground laser communication terminals with an error in the units of seconds of arc in angular speeds of up to 8 deg / s in conditions like night and day work;

— develop technology for reception and transmission of large amounts of data, including real scientific speed at 125 Mbit / s to 10-9 bit error-1 and a test at a speed of 622 Mbit / s to 10-7 bit error 1;

— explore the possibilities and conditions for performance of the laser lines of communication "aboard the spacecraft — ground" night and day at various atmospheric conditions, including the presence of haze and cloud cover to 80%.

  • Terrestrial laser terminal (NLT) Source: JSC "SPC" SPP "
  • Terrestrial laser terminal (NLT) Source: JSC "SPC" SPP "

It should be noted that the 5-7 ground points (approximate cost of 100 million rubles. Within 3 years), divided by the ground to ensure the independence of the local weather conditions can ensure the availability of laser channel transmission of 98%.

The success of the EC "SLS" paved the transfer of laser channel in pre-production (full-time) operation and confirms the presence of a Russian space laser communication technology, which provides the possibility of further development work on the creation of high-speed inter-satellite laser communication systems.

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