Russian Space forest guard

Representatives of the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) and the Russian Federal Space Agency discussed the effective use of the Russian space for forestry. As the deputy head of the Federal Forestry Agency Andrei Zhilin, the agency is interested in getting the most objective, reliable, timely information to the local spacecraft, said the Federal Forestry Agency.

The range of problems that can be solved with the help of satellite images, is unusually broad — ranging from the monitoring of forest fires and ending with issues of forest management and the fight against illegal logging. However, in order to look from space received a wide practical application, remote zoning of land must meet precise specifications, due to the specifics of the industry. Time taken, the spectral range of the shooting, fast flow of information, the resolution of the terrain, the maximum allowable clouds, the range of angles of the sun, the data format — all this is very important for forest managers.


In 2012, in the forestry sector is mainly used images from foreign satellites. But, believe in the FFA, and the Russian Space Agency, it is necessary to move to the possibility of domestic space, the more so as it has all the necessary prerequisites. Even last year, the two federal agencies signed a cooperation agreement, which implies coordination in the field of production and use of remote sensing (RS). According to the Deputy Chief of the Forest Register FFA Sergey Artamonov, first of all, necessary to improve the methods of automated image processing.

General Director of "Roslesinforg" Alexander Tretyakov, described the experience of remote monitoring of forest management, which is more than five years. In the middle of the space each year to monitor the situation on an area of 100 million hectares of forest, which is the fourth part of the zone of active forest management. Because of this, in 2012, it was revealed 3,446 cases of illegal logging by 10 thousand hectares with the approximate damage of about 10 billion rubles. As the Tretyakov, the acute problem of the legitimacy of satellite images, locating the area of illegal logging. To better deal with the "black loggers" to determine the legal status of the images taken from space, and the ability to use them as evidence in detecting crime. In Roskosmos also recognize that today there is no legal framework that allows to translate view from space in the status of evidence.

Of fundamental importance is the efficiency of data retrieval. Information should be available at least once a week. "Then there will be a completely different effect on our business," — said Alexander Tretyakov.

Another topic that can be addressed through the cosmos — is forest management. The scale of forest resources are such that the old ways to conduct forest management in those cycles that are necessary for effective forest management, it is unrealistic for no financial nor the labor costs. Space images reveal for forest management are fundamentally different horizons. But to combat illegal logging and to carry out forest management activities required high-resolution satellite images, which could be updated regularly.

With appropriate funding by 2014 is feasible to establish a system for the detection of fires, which will serve the four spacecraft.

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