Russian-Spanish system of protection of aircraft from MANPADS has been praised King of Spain

King Juan Carlos II during a visit to the exhibition at the Rosoboronexport opened in the United Arab Emirates Air Show praised created by Russian and Spanish specialists system to protect aircraft from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS).


"After seeing the exhibition, the King of Spain emphasized that he knew about the activities of Rosoboronexport and that Rosoboronexport working with a number of Spanish companies. King said that he was aware of cases of a joint project with the Spanish company "Indra", during which created the unique, the most modern in the world of laser protection of aircraft from MANPADS ", — told reporters on Sunday, Director at Large, head of the Rosoboronexport Michael Zavaliy at the air show.

According to experts, today operates the system protect against the actions of MANPADS by about 40-60%. The system, developed by Russian and Spanish specialists, provides almost 100 percent protection.

M.Zavaly noted that the King of Spain expressed the hope that in the near future, this system will be implemented in the modern military transport aircraft A-400, intended for NATO.

"The King of Spain, Juan Carlos II has consistently advocated the development of military technical cooperation between Russia and Spain. He made a great contribution to the equipment of air traffic management systems of the western Russian modern technology production. These systems, in particular, are still working in Minvody, Vnukovo and other airports, "- said M.Zavaly.

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