Russian specialists have created a new technology of hardening Teflon


Polyacetal — the slippery plastic so it is used for manufacturing various bushings, bearings, prevent friction, as well as a sealing material. However, for most applications need to increase the strength of the material, which is achieved either by chemical modification or addition of filler. In both cases, the properties of the plastic change, sometimes for the worse.

The specialists of the Scientific Research Institute of Physical and Chemical them. Karpov (Russia) have created a new technology of hardening of Teflon.
To be effective, they are subjected to finished products or blank exposure.
As a result, Teflon increases the wear resistance of 10 thousand times, reduced creep rate at one time and increases the elasticity of a hundred times.
The results actually mean a breakthrough in materials science.

To implement the created technology built pilot plant radiation treatment Teflon capacity of 40 tons per year, and also stands for the control properties of the products. Experimental batches of products sent for testing on more than a dozen companies of various industries.

Working together with the Russian Institute of Aviation Materials allowed to carry out certification tests and to develop recommendations for the use of the material in aeronautical engineering.

New material used for the design of a spacecraft, in particular lander "Phobos-Grunt", the upper stage "Fregat" geostationary device "Power" and the spacecraft "Small Station". The use of high-strength PTFE has significantly reduced the size and weight of some of the mechanisms of these spacecraft.

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