Russian students and schoolchildren all lay and lay funeral of Russian science

Russian science is not good. Little money, too few scientists, and they are all old. In the Russian higher education crisis, about the average and say nothing. But for some reason the results of school competitions and student championships are not joined with the provisions of these obvious.

Number of points scored by teams of university students to the world championships on programming in seven years. For each country, summed up all the participating universities.

The map shows the results of the student world championships in programming. Table 1 — the same data, but not by country, and in particular universities. Table 2 — Results of the national teams in international competitions for school mathematics. The third table shows the ranking of countries on the basis of school international olympiads in physics.

Universities leaders Programming The best university teams at the world championships on programming in seven years.

Physical Olympiad Ranking of countries in the international olympiad data from 1997 (in brackets — since 1967). Contest organizers calculated based on the number of prizes

Mathematical Olympiad Amount of seats won by the national teams in international competitions pupils on average over the past seven years

From these data, it is impossible coherent and unified conception. But some conclusions are just lying on the surface.

i. Russia is still among the leaders in the country have not only natural gas, but natural brain.

Should the winning student from the school, or do both common reason (probably to keep the relationship to knowledge as a value), it is difficult to say. But both we still have.

ii. Among the leaders of the Russian universities — not only high-rise on the Sparrow Hills, but also universities, public opinion, which is not among the most prestigious. St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (in Soviet times LITMO) took fourth place with a negligible margin of bronze. The group leaders — Saratov, Novosibirsk Ural and universities, good results in the South Ural and Perm. Surely in these universities were preparing for a competition focused teams of students programmers, but you can not do anything of the leader, no matter how to cook. That is the Russian high school, they say, is in decline, and in the province at all bad, but at the championships is somehow not affected.

iii. World champion offshore programming — India — world championships Programming does not shine (fourteenth place on the results of seven years), and on the mathematical olympiads students at all outside of the second ten. Here we present a quote from the relevant case of the newspaper The Times of India: "Most software professionals in India are not programmers, they are mere coders". And another one, impolite phrase of slang programmers "Hindu code — a kind bydlokoda."

And this is a hint for Russia. By offshore companies we will never catch up, but there is a chance to keep the lead in solving creative problems.

iv. Another. The onset of the south-east. Each year the results are not only in China but also in other Asia-Pacific countries are higher. It’s probably also a hint for Russia.

v. The main lesson of the southeast of the country. China in top spots of school competitions for a quarter century (for students — a little less). For 25 years, China turned on its head, the development model has changed dramatically, and pupils and students could not care less.

vi. Leaders of competitions and championships — are very different in terms of economic and political development of the country. And not all of the economic locomotives here occupy top positions. That is an unambiguous direct correlation with the level of development of the country do not.

At the school-student example shows that a simple model of "more money — the more science ‘does not work. Money, of course, need more. But this is not enough, you need something else. And if there is something it can sometimes help and no money.

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