Russian students blew up the Internet to the project.

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In Russia there was a first of its kind international project "10000 authors of happiness," which is a book you write 10,000 people from all over the world.

The author of such a good project were two students of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin Skoroedov Philip and Nicholas Panasenko, who decided to create a book to make a happier world as a whole and each person in particular.

As of today, after 2 weeks since launch, the project interested people from 23 countries around the world. Official representative offices have already been opened in the United States and China. The book will be printed in the language of the original statement, that is thought to be transmitted in the language of the author. In the future, will be made for a professional translation of each country that would be interested in publishing their own language.

Nothing like it in the world has never been done. The unusual kindness ideas and helps unite the pages of a book very different people who live in different countries, doing odd jobs, live different lives, but they all share one thing — happiness. Members are actively write reviews about the project and apply for participation in the creation of the book.

One of the first participants in the project, Elon Kazakova and Jaroslav Zhalnin, say they would like to see every man for himself knew what happiness is. "We should be proud of, if you have something to leave behind, even if it is only one sentence." Only ten thousand proposals from ten thousand people will be able to at least a little change people’s attitudes to life for the better.

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