Russian students have won gold medals at the American Chemistry Olympiad

Three gold and one silver medals being taken home from the USA, the Russian team, which participated in the 44th annual school Chemistry Olympiad. In the individual event, none of the Russians did not go unrewarded.

The official team competition in these games there is no intellectual.

Comparable results were achieved only teams of Taiwan and South Korea.

Olympics took place last week in the University of Maryland, near Washington. The ceremony summarizing and awards took place on Sunday in the capital Georgetown University. To preserve the element of intrigue results were announced from the worst to the best, so our children have to worry about until the very end.

Cyril Petryuk of St. Petersburg, a Muscovite Alexander and Ilya Oleinichenko Ustsinovich from Magnitogorsk won gold medals, Artem Boychuk of Noyabr’sk — silver. Kirill is the tenth individual result, Alexander — the seventh, while Ilya — fifth. In Taiwanese — the third, fourth and eleventh place. Also received the highest score of the young chemist from Germany.

Under the rules of the Olympics, to the "gold" equates roughly 10% better results for "silver" — another 20% to the "bronze" — the other 30%. Participants was 72.

Our guys are generally satisfied with their performance. According to Cyril, the overall success, "said the high level of education in Russia." Ilya believes that one lesson a week in Chemistry "is clearly not enough," need "to change the school textbook and complicate the program."

Next year, the school Chemistry Olympiad will be held July 15-25 in Moscow. Ustsinovich, Oleinichenko Petryuk and it will not be able to participate because they are no longer students, and students. All three are enrolled at MSU. But Boychuk expects next year to compete for the "gold", as the houses and walls help. Specific recommendations for future members of the new team of guys there — unless advised Alexander to perform tasks "quickly and accurately, so you have time to check."

Take the Olympic torch arrived in Washington Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Department of Chemistry Valery Lunin. According to him, in Moscow the next year should gather representatives from 75 countries. Delegates of three more states are going to attend as observers.

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