Russian students have won medals at the International Chemistry Olympiad

Household competition of young chemists, culminating at the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, the Russian team finished with an absolute result of all four participants have achieved medals.

  • The Russian team of students in chemistry: Shlapakov Nikita, Michael Yagofarov, Eugene Gulyak and Artem Boychuk.  Photo by Alexey Duel
  • The Russian team of students in chemistry: Shlapakov Nikita, Michael Yagofarov, Eugene Gulyak and Artem Boychuk. Photo by Alexey Duel

Graduates Nikita Shlapakov and Eugene Gulyak won a gold medal, and their same age and Artem Boychuk grader Michael Yagofarov awarded silver at the 45th World Olympiad in chemistry.


— The tasks were very difficult, no matter what the time was not enough, the problem was not solved everything, and decide how much — recalled after the ceremony Artem Boychuk. — At these competitions because not check the assimilation of the school program, then you have to show knowledge to come up with solutions move. This is very exciting to engage in leisure and very hard — at such competitions.

Among other things, the participants of the World Chemistry Olympiad — and her students came from 75 countries — it was necessary to carry out the synthesis of various complex substances, describe the properties are not set up yet material to restore the chemical composition of ancient algae.

After the tour, many of the pilot came out of the lab, sadly waving his hands to perform a minimum of failed jobs. Organizers too clever by half, whispering to each other participants in all languages of the world.

— International Chemistry Olympiad are of two types: the "European" and "Asian", — said on the eve of the opening of the competition Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, longtime head of the Russian national team and one of the organizers of the event Vadim Eremin. — In the "Asian" competitions should be able to quickly and properly to perform a well-known algorithms. We will do the job very "European" so over it will have to break your head over.

Apparently, the drafters tried to jobs from the heart. But in the end it was the Europeans their questions were given worse than the guys who had flown to Moscow from the East. In the overall standings the Russian team took fifth place, behind the top of the list of students from Korea, China, Taiwan and Ukraine.

In absolute categories where honored for the best result of the theoretical and experimental round, as well as the sum of points, awards were given to members of the Chinese Taipei and Korea.

— I think our team performed very dignified, — said the head of the team, Senior Lecturer Chemistry Department of Moscow State University Ilja Glebov. — Fifth place — our average stable result, sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse. Unlike China, we can not collect their collections for eight months and aiming to train them for the next competition. Several weekly fees for the year — and all.

The International Olympiad involved guys that won the All-Russian Olympiad on the subject among pupils of the tenth grade, and then passed a special selection. Each of them has a right to enroll in any university of their choice without examination. Among the current winners and medalists three graduates. Two have already lost their documents in the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University, the third so far to choose between Moscow and Kazan State University.

— Success at such competitions depends primarily on the scientific school, which has developed in the country — said the rector of Moscow State University academician Victor Sadovnichiy. — Moreover, there are competing chemists, and this science was accompanied mankind history of its development from the earliest times. I think we turned out great Olympics, all members of which showed their impeccable knowledge, huge capacity and got invaluable experience.

This year, our team were the guys from Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and November. Put them together and prepare for the performance could not as often as I would like mentors. However, a solution was found, and, judging by the results, it is quite successful.

— Now have high-speed internet and modern technology, it allows you to work with young talents not only in large cities where there are research centers and highly qualified teachers, but also with the children of the province, — explained the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Benjamin emperor. — In general, the main award, which was received Olympic medalists — is to overcome himself. Their success took a massive effort and participants, and all who helped them prepare for performance.

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