Russian submarine off the coast of Florida :-)

Dear readers, we came across an interesting article in the September issue of the new magazine "Popular Mechanics" (number 9 September 2012 (119)) on page 30.

I suggest it to your attention no change in the author’s presentation.


"Students of the Far Eastern Federal University won the world championship for the design of underwater robots.


Fuel tanks of ships sunk in the battles of the Second World War, can cause serious damage to the ecosystem of the oceans. Therefore, the organizers held in the United States 11th International Competition for the design of remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles (MATE International ROV competition) put before the participants of the task to develop methods and build devices to safely remove the oil from the tanks of a sunken ship. Under the terms of competition mini-submarines were to run several tasks, including a detailed examination of the wreck of the vessel, the definition of the nature of the debris (metal or not), climbing the mast broke off a piece and even the removal of coral from the ship’s hull.


The most difficult step (and the most "expensive" on points) was flushing the fuel tank. To cope with this was only by two of the more than twenty teams. For pumping clean water and pumping of fuel oil on the unit Palo called ALIEN ROV, silicone hoses were installed with hard-tipped tube to penetrate through the wall of the tank.

According to team leader Sergei moon, it is well trained technical solutions used in the performance of this task, and brought victory in this year’s team, Palo (which is the winner of this competition for the second time). Took part in the competition, another Russian team — Bauman. Bauman, who came in seventh place overall. "


Background of the same issue of the journal.


The design of the boat:

Frame — Polypropylene.

Unit is attached to the frame poavuchesti foam and a payload.

Payload: A device for flushing the fuel tank wreck;

Tape measure to measure the length of the object;

metal detector;

Holder manipulator;

Pressure sensors;

Electronic compass;


4 camcorders;

6 screw dvizheteley.


Dimensions are 800h400h400

weight of 28 kg.



Google helped find here is a video from the competition:


The video is just the team members Palo vyponyayut one attempt to dive.

The device Russians white.

By the members of the team to "bank" in a white T-shirts.


Here is a link to a page dedicated to this event on the official website of Far Eastern Federal University.


Well, a couple of pictures from the same place:




These are the images grow in our high schools now, these people are able to move, and science and technology forward, they are already winning students (many times), many teams of prestigious foreign universities, in their territory.

They hope and support countries in the future, it is they will sit in KB and in the factories, build robots, submarines and surface ships, and military research.

Thanks so that’s good news to believe in the future and our defense, and that production will not die with the retirement of older experts because changing them is growing worthy. 



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