Russian surgeons conducted the first successful lung transplantation

Doctors Transplant Institute SP them. NV Sklifosofskiy conducted the first successful lung transplant 34-year-old patient with severe lung disease. The unique and complex operation transplantation of both lungs lasted more than 12 hours and was the second born to a young woman.


Complicated diagnosis — limfangioleyomiomatoz virtually no chance the woman left, the score was going on for months, lung transplant was the only alternative to live. After transplantation, began a long period of post-operative treatment, when doctors around the clock, taking a serious tactical solutions, re-teach the patient to breathe, walk, live. The result was the return of a young woman to a normal life without an oxygen mask, and physical limitations.

In the world held each year around 3,000 lung transplants. A few years ago, one of them was made in St. Petersburg when the Russian doctors help surgeons from France. The current operation is the first carried out exclusively by Russian specialists.


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