Russian Technologies create a new ICT giant

The emblem of concern "Sirius"

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" has quietly combines the assets of their IT holdings under the auspices of one of them, the concern "Russian electronics."

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" association conducts its three ICT corporations — "Orion", "Sirius" and "Russian electronics" — into a single holding company under the control of the latter.

The decision to merge the three corporations was made back in 2012: the supervisory board of state corporation "Russian Technologies", which was approved by the program "Russian electronics" assets "Sirius" and "Orion", was held on December 19, 2012

As a result, the restructuring of enterprises belonging to the "Sirius" and "Orion", will become the property of the "Russian electronics." As explained by CNews CEO "Roselektronika" Andrei Zverev, the transfer of shares of companies owned by JSC "Concern" Sirius "" and JSC "Concern" Orion "" to the authorized capital of JSC "Roselektronika" take 1-1.5 years.

It is interesting that the very Zverev, being CEO "Roselektronika," has topped both the merged holding company.

The former CEO of "Orion" Aytech Bizhev was chair of Deputy General Director of "Roselektronika" and the Deputy Director General — Director of the subsystems, the complex and technical means of communication in the "Orion".

In addition, in mid-January 2013 Aytech Bizhev led Competence Centre "Roselektronika" that Andrei Zverev named one of the strategic objectives of the holding. The objectives of the Competence Center is to create intelligent systems management, security, and communication at the national and component-based software.

A source in the "Orion" told CNews, that run Aytech Bizhev remain whole range of issues, which he worked as head of the company.

Former head of the "Sirius" Leonid Uhlinovu also made an offer to take the post of Deputy General Director of "Roselektronika", which he refused.

The reasons for rejection of proposals "Roselektronika" Leonid Ukhlinov discuss not. According to him, now he has a few suggestions for further employment.

The current head of the holding company "Russian Electronics" specializes in creating electronic components and dual-use goods. It is composed of more than 100 scientific research institutes, design bureaus and manufacturing plants.

Concern "Orion" is specialized mainly on systems for military and dual-specific communication systems and communication management, including air, sea, mobile and stationary air field drives, control systems, diagnostics and management of oil and gas pipelines.

The structure of "Orion" is composed of 15 research institutes, design bureaus and manufacturing plants.

Up to 80% of the development, "Sirius", which includes 25 research institutes and industrial enterprises, also referred to the defense order. The holding enterprises producing elements ACS, radio navigation system, secure data transmission.

Concern "Sirius" was also associated with the project of national software platform, which was made by the applicant of its founder GC "Russian Technologies".

In connection with the restructuring of ICT companies "Russian Technologies" holding "Roselektronika" finalizes its development strategy. According to the head of Andrei Zverev, the transfer of "Roselektronika" assets "Sirius" and "Orion" will lead to the creation of a large vertically integrated company with a full range of competences in the field of intelligent control systems, integrated security and communication systems, "and the terms of the development of such systems can be indeed reduced by concentrating the management of this process in the same hands. "

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