Russian Technologies provide NGOs from Saratov enterprises

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" intends to invest up to 3.5 billion rubles in Saratov enterprises, which will bring together NGOs. The agreement was signed during the meeting of GC "Russian Technologies" with the Government of Saratov region. Investments will go through education on the basis of FSUE NPP "Diamond" and OAO NPP "Contact" Scientific-Production Association "Saratov-electronics."

In enterprises claim that the merger will promote the development of companies through co-financing of federal programs. Also at the request of the Government of collaboration with the "Russian Technologies" will gain independence from defense contracts. According to observers, this is the only way to resolve the crisis backward enterprises.
Applications for large investments were made in Saratov company during the meeting of GC "Russian Technologies" with the Government of Saratov region. The delegation of "Russian Technologies" led the first deputy general director of the corporation Alexey Aleshin. Also, the meeting was attended by the heads of JSC "Russian electronics", JSC "NPO" Device ", JSC" Concern "Aircraft Engineering" and the leaders of some of the structural subdivisions of the state corporation. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the problems and prospects of the Saratov enterprises, which are part of the Civil Code, as well as the signing of cooperation agreements between the government and the "Russian Technologies".
Now the state corporation includes 14 enterprises of Saratov. Most of the funds will come to the region in the form of Saratov Territorial Research and Production Center of electronics — NGO "Saratov-electronics." According to the Ministry of Industry, the center is formed on the basis of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "SPE" Diamond ", JSC" NPP "Contact" (both are included in the GC "Russian Technologies"). It also merges the Central Research Institute of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Research Institute" Volga ", JSC" Inject "and OAO" Saratovelektronproekt. " They are all part of the structure of the state corporation. Proposal for the establishment of NGOs received a "Roselektronika" from Saratov Ministry of Industry and Energy.
Led the development of the regional Ministry of Industry and Energy, together with the "Russian Technologies". The structure is created to optimize the costs of enterprises and, according to developers, will keep the scientific and technical potential of enterprises. "Thanks to this project in 2015 can be expected to increase the number of jobs for 500 people. The volume of public investment in the project will amount to over 3.5 billion rubles, the output will increase by more than three times and, according to experts, will be about 6 billion rubles, "- said the Ministry of Industry and Energy on the official website of the Ministry. According to Alexey Aleshin, the holding "Russian electronics" No proposal for closure or conversion of an enterprise.
The first agreement between the regional government and the corporation "Russian Technologies" was signed in 2009. Then identified the main areas of cooperation, in particular, to assist enterprises in the design, manufacture and export of high-tech industrial products, research and development of promising technologies. The decision to merge the six companies Board of Directors of "Roselektronika" took back in August of last year, but the agreement with the government of the region appeared only now. "We share the position of consolidation, integration of our electronics under the brand name" Saratov-electronics ", it’s easier to survive in the market" — said the deputy chairman of the government of Alexander Strelyukhin.
General Director of FSUE "SPE" Diamond "Nicholas BUSHUEV believes that merger talks about the serious potential of the region in the field of electronics.
In contrast to the "Diamond" NPP "Contact" is working with the defense order. In early 2011, the formation of the state defense order was delayed, and Saratov enterprises received only 46% of the contracts of the annual forecast. Program proposed by the "Russian Technologies" in the framework of the new Saratov NGO involves co-financing from the federal budget projects CC by 60%.
Minister of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region, Sergei Lisowski believes that this partnership will enhance the competitiveness of the regional high-tech products. "At present JSC" Russian electronics "entered into an agreement with Siemens. As part of the agreement to work on the co-operation will be attracted JSC "NPP" Contact ", which is now practically does not receive orders through the defense. This will allow the company to actively promote civic direction, because it has a unique production technology of vacuum electronic devices, cameras and other innovative equipment ", — says Mr. Lisowski.
According to the general director of consulting company Infomost Boris Rybak, the task of "Russian Technologies" at this stage — to bring disparate troubled assets in order to restructure them, and create a normal operating company. "All of these companies are technologically backward and have a lot of difficulties, especially the Civil pouring money into them to form a going concern," — said Mr. Fisher. "Certainly, the consolidation have — it is a positive process.
Offhand it can be said that the savings accounts will be only up to 25% ", — said Ruslan Pukhov of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. Also, in his opinion, the new NGO due to large volumes of production will be easier to get defense contracts.

Sergei Petunin
Businessman # Middle Volga, Saratov, May 31, 2011 6:00

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