Russian textiles to be!


Ltd. "Kamyshinsky textiles" (Volgoradskaya region). Becoming an international brand. In 2012, the company has invested in the development of 100 million rubles

Light shop looks festive, impressive in its scope and how something is not "hebekovskim", and quite European, civilized, impeccable views. Working in smart suits are mounting hardware. Brand new imported spinning machines go beyond the horizon, gleaming chrome accents. The work is concentrated, harmoniously beautiful.

Good Changes

The changes that are taking place in the troubled factory KBC 4, which almost ditched bankrupt "Roscontract" seem fantastic. After just a few months ago in this workshop there was no light and heat, strewn raskurochennye, covered with dust centuries old equipment and was desolate, hopeless silence. It took less than a year, LLC "Kamyshinsky textile" to fill the living and hard working rhythm shops of the enterprise, and the people who were thrown out by the previous owners on the street, to restore hope for the future, to ensure stable operation and decent wages.

— Kamishin always been a global textile brand, and we are doing everything to restore and increase its former position — says CEO and Investor LLC "Kamyshinsky textile" Alexander Borisenko.

I must say that the solution of this problem is very thorough approach, thriftily. The first thing repaired the roof — an investment of about 20 million rubles. Parallel walked repair and re-equipment in the shops. Now here is the most produced calico chassis width for this special broad purchased machines.


But the emphasis here decided to do is to provide the most advanced, correct preparation of yarn, because only such can be woven into a very high quality fabric. Cotton is now being processed by a special line, band equipment can produce excellent in all respects raw materials for spinning. So purchased two German-spinning line AUTOKORO Shlyahtforst from the company, which analogues in Eastern Europe is not there.

— On each of the 63-meter line 480 spinning units, — says, leading us through the shop, CEO. — The cost of one line — almost a million dollars. Technique is unique in its characteristics. To service this machine enough of just one person, and that his participation in the work of art will be minimal. All processes, including ssuchivanie thread automated. So in essence, there will be no work even spinners, and operators of automatic lines for spinning.

I will say without boasting that the yarn obtained on such equipment — the best in the world. It is even a special label "Belkoro" put both on Swiss watches. It is the world standard for quality, which must constantly prove. But the demand for such a yarn and fabric from it is great. Today we have about 200 contracts, their number is growing.

The first two lines running in February. By year end, these machines will have seven. In addition, plans to launch a high yarn count. And then you can seriously consider the release of its designer products. A total investment in 2013 — not less than 400 million rubles. The city government is actively promoting investments. Policy faithful!

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