Russian tractor AGROMASH will be collected in the Ukraine

To Ukraine came the first Russian car sets tractors AGROMASH 50TK production of specialized enterprises of machine-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants ". Tractor assembly will be done at the factory in the town of White Church. 

The products of this company is well known to local farmers: factory buildings for several years are assembled harvesters’ Yenisei 950 "from the Link Set supplied Krasnoyarsk Combine Harvester (KPC), within the group of companies "Tractor plants". 

"We tractor AGROMASH 50TK in Ukraine also has a great future, — said Deputy General Director for Production Bilotserkivskyi harvester and tractor plant Alexander Kuzmenko. — Machines Vladimir Motor-tractor plant in your niche have no competitors. They are economical, are aggregated with various attachments. It is particularly in demand in communal "


Now staff Belayatserkov work out processes for assembly AGROMASH 50TK. In the nearest time the car goes on sale.

Universal wheeled row crop tractors AGROMASH highly effective and easy to manage. They are intended for tillage, sowing, planting vegetables, care for crops, inter-row cultivation of vegetable crops and orchards, hay, farm work, general transport work. Well they showed themselves on the city streets of Vladimir when clearing snow, snow removal, cleaning of roads and pavements.

The tractor AGROMASH 50TK three-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled, direct injection and a combined system of lubrication, dry-loaded single disc clutch with an additional disk drive to the PTO, mechanical reverse transmission with six forward gears and reverse slow motion and two additional gears forward.

In the case of slipping, the front axle is automatically activated when excessive slip of rear drive wheels on and off while reducing slippage. In addition, the tractors have rear PTO with independent drive, hydrostatic steering control (HSU) with adjustable angle and height of the column wheel. An important advantage of technology AGROMASH is that the construction of this line of tractors lets you change the track to handle a variety of cultivated crops. 


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