Russian troops through the eyes of the Germans

Russian soldier to kill a little, it is necessary also to topple!

Frederick II the Great

The glory of Russian arms knows no bounds. Russian soldiers endured what never suffered and will suffer the soldiers armies of other countries. This was evidenced in writing memoirs of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, where they admired the actions of the Red Army:

"Close contact with nature allows the Russian move freely at night in the fog, through the forests and swamps. They are not afraid of the dark, endless forests and cold. They are not unusual winter when the temperature drops to minus 45. Siberian, which is partially or completely can be considered Asian, more stamina, stronger … We have already experienced this during the First World War, when we had to deal with the Siberian aremeyskim housing  "

"For Europeans, accustomed to small areas, distances in the East seem endless … The horror is amplified melancholy, monotonous nature of the Russian landscape, which is depressing, particularly dismal autumn and painfully long winter. Psychological impact of the country on the average German soldier was very strong. He felt worthless, lost in these vast expanses "

"Russian soldiers prefer melee. His ability to endure hardship s flinching is a true wonder. This is the Russian soldiers, who we know and imbued with respect to which a quarter of a century ago. "

"It was very difficult to get a clear idea about the equipment of the Red Army … Hitler refused to believe that the Soviet industrial production may be equal to German. We had little information about the Russian tanks. We had no idea of how many tanks a month can make Russian industry.

It was hard to even get the card as Russian kept them in strict confidence. Those maps, which we had were often incorrect and misleading.

About the combat power of the Russian army, we also did not have accurate data. Those of us who fought in Russia during World War II, thought she was great, and those who did not know the new opponent, tended to underestimate her. "

"The behavior of Russian troops even in the first battles was in striking contrast with the behavior of the Poles and the Western Allies in the defeat. Even surrounded by Russian heavy fighting continued. Where the roads were not, in most cases, Russian remained out of reach. They are always trying to break through to the east … Our environment Russian rarely successful. "

"From the Field Marshal von Bock to the soldier were all hoping that we will soon be marching through the streets of the Russian capital. Hitler had even created a special demining team, which was to destroy the Kremlin.

When we approached Moscow, the mood of our commanders and troops suddenly changed. To my surprise and disappointment we found in October and early November that the Russian defeated by no means ceased to exist as a military force. In recent weeks, the resistance of the enemy intensified fighting and tension increases day by day … "The chief of staff of the 4th Army Wehrmacht General Gunther Blumentritt

"Russian do not give up. The explosion, another, all is quiet for a moment, and then they re-open fire … "
"With amazement we watched the Russian. They seem to be the case and was not up to the fact that their main forces defeated … "
"A loaf of bread had to cut with an ax. Schastlivchiikam managed to get a few Russian outfit … "
"Oh my God, what are these Russian conceived to do with us? We’re all die! .. "From the memoirs of German soldiers

"Russian from the start proved to be first-class warriors, and our success in the first months of the war were due to a better preparation. Having gained combat experience, they have become first-class soldiers. They fought with exceptional stubbornness had amazing stamina … "Colonel-General (later — Field Marshal) von Kleist

"It often happened that the Soviet soldiers raised their hands to show that they give us a prisoner, and after our infantry approached them, they again resorted to arms, wounded or feigned death, and then from the rear shot of our soldiers" .

General von Manstein (also a future Marshal)

"It should be noted persistence of individual compounds in the Russian battle. There have been cases where the garrisons bunkers blew himself up along with pillboxes, not wanting to surrender. " (Record of June 24.) "Data from the front suggest that Russian everywhere are fighting to the last man … It is striking that the capture of artillery batteries it.p.v prisoner shall be few. " (June 29). "Fighting with Russian are extremely stubborn. Captured only a small number of prisoners. " (July 4)

General Halder’s diary

"The specific nature of the country and the originality of Russian campaign gives specific nature. The first serious opponent "

Field Marshal Brauchitsch (July 1941)

"About a hundred of our tanks, of which about a third were T-IV, took the initial position for a counterattack. On three sides we fired on the Russian iron monsters, but to no avail …

Echelon on the front and in depth Russian giants came closer and closer. One of them approached our tank is hopelessly bogged down in a swampy pond. Without any hesitation black monster went around the tank and press it into the dirt tracks.

At this point came the 150-mm howitzer. While the artillery commander warned of the approach of enemy tanks, guns opened fire, but again to no avail.

One of the Soviet tanks approached the howitzer at 100 meters. Gunners opened fire point-blank range and made contact — is like lightning struck. The tank stopped. "We knocked out his" — relieved gunners. Suddenly someone screamed hysterically calculation tools, "He again went!" Indeed, the tank came to life and began to approach the gun. Another minute, and shiny metal tank tracks imprinted like a toy howitzer into the ground. Having settled with guns, tanks continued on his way as if nothing had happened "

The commander of the 41st Panzer Corps Wehrmacht General Rayngart

Courage — the courage it inspired spirituality. Perseverance same with which the Bolsheviks were protected in their pillboxes in Sebastopol, akin to a certain animal instinct, and it would be a grave mistake to think it resulted in the Bolshevik beliefs or upbringing. Russian has always been so, and will likely always remain so "

Joseph Goebbels

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