Russian twins invented the hit game for iPhone

Efim and Semyon Voinov hiring more engineers and expanding their brand, engaging comic books and soft toys.


When Efim and Semyon Voinov was 10 years old, twin brothers received as a gift from the parents of British personal computer ZX Spectrum. It was around 1991, it was the end of the Soviet era, and such things were rare in Moscow. Voinov used the gift to the fullest. They took up programming and quickly moved from school plays to develop their own games.

This is a children’s hobby rewarded twins who are now 29 years old, and generously rewarded. In October last year, iPhones with noise burst next project Voinov, game application called Cut the Rope. The game quickly moved to the first position. In July, she made her debut release for "android", which also became the leader. It was the first game, surpassing the pedestal megahit Angry Birds. It downloads, more than 50 million times. Started to increase revenue from sales and related advertising. Brothers figures are not known, but it is known that on their game they made "several million dollars", as Michael says Lialin, CEO Voinov, ZeptoLab, which is one year old. In a country that is full of talented programmers, they were among the first Russian developer, pay attention to the smart phone market. And most of all, they do not last. Last year, the Russians were 6,000,000 iPhones and other mobile devices, although in general they belatedly come to this corner of the world. In 2011, this figure is expected to triple.

The brothers have strong roots of the Soviet legacy of scientists and engineers. "Everyone in our family either physics or chemists" — says Yefim. But as the years of their formation occurred during the collapse of the Soviet education system, they, like many of their compatriots from the army of programmers are self-taught. While studying at the university and studying very different things, they were working part-time programmers to create games. Some of their works are published on a small site, and began to periodically "getting checks from the U.S. for 50 dollars," says Simon. "For us, then it was a lot of money." After graduating from high school brothers in 2004 Lialin took them to work in his company to develop games Reaxion, where they gained experience, creating a variety of mobile platforms.

In summer 2010, the brothers left the company Lalin and created his own company ZeptoLab. CEPT — a mathematical prefix meaning 10 to the minus 21-degree. It was to emphasize how creative and unique is their job. Brother works at home with her cat. Having achieved success with his other game Parachute Ninja, which has been downloaded 3,000,000 times, the brothers set about creating a prototype game, which later became known as Cut the Rope. The goal — to throw a shiny lollipop in his mouth a little green monster named Om Nom, at the right time cutting the rope. Yefim, who usually writes programs for the games studied the dynamics of the textbook to figure out how to move the rope. Designer Simon tried to make Om Nom much attractive. "I wanted it to be called emotions — explains the twin — as a child or pet who needs to feed."

When the game went into a mountain in the rankings, Voinov started getting offers from Silicon Valley, but all refused. "We have so far and so well", — says Yefim. Now they intend to expand their business: they moved to a real office, hired five employees, and in August released a sequel to the game — Cut the Rope: Experiments. They also took the secret to the success of Angry Birds and extend their brand, doing comics, soft toys and other things. And then what? We hope to "get a little breathing space ‘to start a completely new project, said Yefim.

Total Score: Game Cut the Rope has been downloaded 50 million times more than, making it the twin founders earned "a few million dollars."

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