Russian utilities save energy of the universe


Russian utilities save energy of the universe

17.12.03, the


Enthusiast of Syzran offers heat their homes with devices created by him — the gravity generator.

Military engineer Valery Kotelnikov dedicated his life to the creation of a new gravitational picture of the world. To test his theory, he created an amazing setting — without the burners and heat generator coils, according to broadcaster NTV.

Valery Kotelnikov, inventor: "We — the consumers. In fact, the people — the consumers. All that nature has accumulated, we take it, we obtain, transform, cut, and zhzhem about this crematorium all bask. And there was just a change of space, a change in the structure of the medium. And nature gives us energy. "

The invention interested in the military. Kotelnikov offered warm by gravity 5-storey house in a military unit.

Eugene Kasyanov, managing JSC "Syzran Heat Energy Company": "The principle of its operation for example, I can not explain. This is some kind of know-how. Mystery. Let's see how it will show itself at such a facility as a house. "

Workers blocked the highway and connect the battery directly to the graviton. The high pressure pump creates a water vortex, and the sensors indicate the temperature 62 degrees Celsius. The scientist explains the phenomenon that moves at supersonic speed water receives heat from the space.

Valery Kotelnikov, inventor: "The heat we get from space, because there is no other way to support life as soon as the interaction."

The small state of emergency, but doused with boiling water inventor pleased. Space setting really works. The inspection records interesting details: as the movement of water through the pipes cools down and warms up.

For several hours the house is cut off from the highway, but residents do not notice the transition to a new source. The apartments became warmer. Military satisfied with the results of the experiment.

The representative of the military unit command: "In the remote garrisons where there is no heating, mobile installation winged, and closed the valve can be one or two such private house to heat."

In extreme cold with poor heating the ice can break the battery. According to experts, several mobile CHP will help avoid disaster. They do not know the origin of the heat, but are ready to buy fancy cars.

Gravity setting Nyquist — a "first aid", Resuscitation vehicle for public utilities. While eliminating accident repairers, heat is supplied with wheels. To save the five-story building, we need only one barrel of diesel.


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