Russian videoconferencing reached the Australian gold

In a completely uncharacteristic for domestic suppliers of the region — Australia — Russia’s gold miners are the video conferencing. Developers VCS expects that in 2012 one-fifth of their revenue form the projects abroad.

Australian mining company Paddington Gold extended until the end of 2012 the licenses of the software, and technical support contracts with Russian developer of video conferencing systems TrueConf (formerly "VideoPort"). According to CNews Director of Marketing Lev Yakupov, we are talking about a small video server licensing in the local corporate network, allowing at the same time to communicate from 9 meeting rooms.

Interestingly solution LAN Paddington. As they say in TrueConf, it is organized with the use of radio links. Without the installation of repeaters, the relief allows you to set the transmitter and receiver in the line of sight.

"The customer is already used in TrueConf Server 2011 for videoconferencing between producing mines and a central office in the city of Kalgoorlie — says Yakupov. — The total two-year payment of the license with the full additional functionality (selector, display presentations, desktops participants, etc.) and given our technical support in English, was about $ 15 million. "

Technical support for customers implementing employee opened a year ago, the Australian office developer, who is also responsible for sales to local clients. The total amount of its revenue TrueConf not disclosed, but the company characterize today’s volume of Australian business (Paddington is not the only customer in the country) as a very minor compared to income from operations in Russia.

In this case, Australia company refers to the promising areas, along with the United States and Canada. "The project is implemented with the miners according to the plans for the withdrawal of Russian software video on the foreign market — said the TrueConf. — In 2012, the company intends to increase the share of foreign companies in the structure of the customer up to 20%. " Now a similar figure stands at 10.7%, the forecast of an increase of the share of the vendor builds, based on the ratio of downloads a trial version and the number of contracts.

Competing "VideoMost" (included in the Spirit) also sells its solutions for videoconferencing in America and Europe. Known foreign customers in both Russian vendors are not called as mostly ordinary sales are relatively small corporate clients.

"We have had projects in Australia, but in general this country — a specific market that Russian vendors rarely go on purpose, — the vice-president of the Spirit Vyacheslav Borilin. — I know a few such attempts varying degrees successful, the priority for the Russians Australia can not be named. "

Markets that are more promising in terms of videoconferencing calls Borilin the Americas, Europe, Asia and some countries of the CIS: "We expect a significant increase in the share of international sales in 2012, in 2011 it was less than 20%. Several of our projects with operators in other countries, we’re going to announce in the coming weeks. "

Australian customer TrueConf developing two fields — Paddington Gold, which according to the Department of Mines and Petroleum of the Government of Western Australia in 2010 with 500 employees, and Binduli, which employs 115 staff.

Since 2007, the West Australian Paddington Gold Mine is a public Norton Gold Fields, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (Australian Securities Exchange) in 2005 In 2011, the group got rid of the coal assets, focused on gold mining for the first time in three years showed a profit ($ 13.1 million), while reducing its debt load to $ 80 million total gold production for 2011 amounted to more than 152 thousand troy ounces, ie more than 4.7 tons of precious metal.


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