Russian Vitaly Robertus won in competitions Jet World Masters 2013

There was no more?

From 21 to 31 August at the airbase Meiringen in Switzerland was the anniversary of the 10th World Championship of pilot flying radio-controlled model-copies Jets Jet World Masters 2013. The competition was attended by 64 pilots (46 in a class of 20 kg and 18 kg in the class 13.5) from 18 countries. In addition, for the first time in the history of JWM in the judging panel has been declared the Russian judge Alexey Prokhorov, a well-known domestic copyists Russian Chess Championship. Competitions visited, a total of about 20 thousand spectators. The winner of the competition in the 20 kg class, became a Russian citizen, a member of Team ASK "RusJet" Vitaly Robertus the Yak-130. In a class of 13.5 kg victory celebrated representative of Belgium Philip Avonds by plane Fouga Magister. In the general standings Russia won the fifth place, behind Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

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