Russian walkers were the best at the World Championships in Athletics


28.08.2011 10:26

The first "gold" and "silver" launched on August 27 in South Korea Daegu World Championships in Athletics Russian team brought walkers Valery Borchin and Vladimir Kanaykin.

More than half of the 20-kilometer race Russians were in a group of persecution, without forcing things and do not try to get ahead. By the end of the race, the race was in the lead when the Italian Alex Shvattser descended from a line, Borchin in the company of athletes from China rushed to catch up with the Japanese, became leaders. Soon the Russians left behind both Asians and crossed the finish line first with exponent 1 hour 19 minutes 56 seconds. EDlya Valeria Borchina this is the second world title.

Asians and beat another Russian, Vladimir Kanaykin, who came to the finish line in just half a minute after Borchina.

The other contenders for the medals of the second day of the World Cup team in Russia are Darya Klishina in the long jump, Daria Pischalnikova in the discus throw and Aleksey Drozdov in the decathlon.

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