Russian weapons equip individual identifiers

Russian weapons equip individual identifiers
In Russia in recent years may seem like a weapon, gear system and determine the individual «black box» for registration with the perfect instrument of action. Befitting system commissioned by the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Industry developed staff of the Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering (CRIRE) named Berg with the assistance of a number of other research institutes.

According to the developer, which is on the criteria of anonymity quoted by the newspaper «Izvestia», the system will be the basis of a microchip with biometric hand. Such a chip is proposed to equip the small gun, including pistols, machine guns, rifles and machine guns. The chip will record any acts committed with a weapon (including fuel and mode of use cartridges). The system may be able to detect and clear while shots fired. These data, in turn, can play a crucial role in the emergence of dispute or investigation of incidents.

To prevent unauthorized use of the system will block the gun shot. Thus, the instrument will not be able to use a third-party person or owner of the gun (eg police) at the end of the work shift (or when received by the introduction of a ban on guns).

Personally identifiable arrow offered by a variety of sensors placed on the handle, trigger, sights and other parts of the gun. But, according to the developer, the introduction of such sensors — «deal fairly distant future.» «At the moment there is a question of chips, which can record information about the holder of the gun,» — he explained.

Law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Industry availability of such a system will help better control of both legitimate and illicit trafficking in weapons. But investigators, reading the data from the «dark box» gun (for example) will be able to find the time to do shots (the murder or assault), the identity of the shooter. Or, at least, to determine whether the gunman gun owner.

What specific sensors will be included in the latest system, is not specified. «Izvestia» write that speech, namely, the question of identifying the shooter’s face, fingerprint «and other biometric characteristics.» Most vserasprostranennym «biometric», other than those listed, is a sketch of the retina. You can also recall the voice recognition, the individual switches and, for example, microchips implanted under the skin of the personal data.

How all this will be located on small arms, the source of the newspaper explained. But apart from the chips that have already learned to do quite malehankih need somewhere to build batteries, fingerprint reader (or retina) and the same camera. All this also should be connected between the wires (installation of wireless systems on small arms seem very futuristic).

In addition, the developer mentioned system blocking the shot. Maybe it is a question of a small magnet (both on the front door), which will prevent unauthorized operation of the trigger. Or an instrument equipped with an electronic trigger mechanism (which also need a source of food). Probably argue how the system will work as long in advance.

Of course something else: the introduction of identification reclaims significantly rework gun. And if on the machine, or rifle hunting rifle at a theoretical level, one can find a place in the sensors, circuits and chips, the installation of similar systems on small pistols (or sub-machine guns) seems very daring thought.

Price similar identification system and its installation also remains a mystery. For example, the apparent modernization standing armed Ministry of Defence AK-74 is estimated from 2-to 10 thousand rubles per unit (such as machines at military depots — 15 million pieces). With all of this question only just about installing Picatinny rails, telescopic butt and ergonomic handles.

One can imagine that the Interior Ministry has already ruined one only equipment identification system Makarov pistols. Development agencies in the interests of the new guns, fitted out with a similar system will cost even more. Civilian same instrument after installation identification may go up so that he would not take advantage of demand.

Naturally, customers try to save the identification system, where it can be, and the lower the market price developments. In practice this leads to the fact that the sensors are a cheap and system — unreliable. A means the future it will have vague. Suffice it to recall that the gun in Russia extends not only certified, and municipal tests. Thus, the state tests are of mandatory step before making any reference to guns armed servicemen.

During the test instrument was tested in different weather criteria (extreme heat and cold) for moisture and dust resistance, impact resistance and durability, and for a variety of characteristics of some Western standards weapons can not pass state tests in Russia. Almost everything that’s why Russian troops 10s years and use the same one conventional (and not always effective) instrument, including the same Makarov pistol.

As these tests behave elements identification system — another big question. As you know, the chip is not the best way to respond to changes in temperature and humidity, the effect of magnetic fields and other reasons environment. Will the camera face recognition under a rain arrow? Will find out the owner of the voice sensor for noise shootout? Detects whether a fingerprint stained fingers?

But perhaps the most important drawback of guns after the introduction of the identification system may be the inability of its operational use — definition of personality obviously will not be instantaneous. This function can be patient when entering the regime object, starting the car or turn on the laptop (or phone), but for the police delay could cost lives or (at best) catching the offender. The same situation — in the case of civilian self-defense. Well, Hunter hardly be pleased if miss duck fault «stale» scanner gun.

Regarding simplification of registration and control instruments for his trafficking, here the introduction of microchips, certainly justified. Except that regulatory authorities have to spend significantly to develop and equip its own subdivisions costly electrical equipment and databases.

In the meantime, the introduction of weapons systems identification seems very bold idea, inspired by science fiction. Even with the finished design to introduce a similar system even more useful to 1 year, which says the source «Izvestia». Moreover, the Russian initiative may actually be innovative, as inspired by the experience of Western (or Eastern) colleagues will not work — standard identification system is now not available.

Alexey Mikhalev

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