Russian WIG Aquaglide-5 is ready for sale


CJSC "Arctic Trade and Transport Company" (AT & T) will soon begin selling Fives WIG "Aquaglide-5". According to the president of AT & T Ruben Nahapetyan, the company put into production 10 WIG, built and almost ready for sale 7 3 more machines are located on the assembly of a high degree of readiness (70-80%).


The delay in the sale of WIG in particular was caused by the fact that there were serious problems with the supply of spare parts. This problem has now been solved — the manufacturer warranty for a year, as well as the car. "There is a certain range of spare parts, the supply of which we guarantee, but there is a part of the spare parts that supply partners that only recently was able to negotiate and resolve these issues without selling WIG was impossible. Therefore, the resumption of production "Aquaglide-5" can be expected in the next few months, as the beginning of sales of these winged "- said the president of the company.

He noted that the winged glider designed with extensive use of corrosion-resistant materials and alloys (fiberglass, foam, polyurethane foam, aluminum-magnesium alloys, stainless steel). All compartments are painted inside and out. Short set glider (ribs, stringers, ribs, walls) are made of composite material.


As the power plant on the WIG used eight-cylinder petrol engine Mercedes-Benz 326 hp or diesel engine of the same company 313 hp Fuel consumption at cruising traffic is about 32 kg / h Power transmission from the motor to the two propellers is made via a transmission consisting of a central and two side gears. The side gears together with propellers rotate relative to the housing at an angle of 60 degrees. Four-bladed controllable pitch propellers AB-110 1400 mm diameter for maximum thrust of 225 kg each.

Price per WIG is 386 thousand euros. "Aquaglide-5" was designed and built in full compliance with the requirements of the Security Manual WIG by the Committee on Safety of IMO and certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. "Potential buyers WIG today already, the negotiations continue, and one winged, one might say, is almost sold out," — says Ruben Nahapetyan.

After the sale of a series of 10 machines, making "Aquaglide-5" will continue, but in a limited edition, self WIG will be upgraded, the president added ATTK.

According to him, the next will be the type of winged ekranoplen for eight seats, according to the scheme of a similar "Aquaglide-5". It will be more powerful winged and, most likely, he’ll get another designation. As engine designers is to stop the piston engine type motor foreign origin, as in "Aquaglide-5".


The main characteristics of the winged "Aquaglide-5"

Length, m — 10.66
Width, m — 5.90
Height, m — 3.35
Passenger capacity — 4
The maximum displacement, kg — 2400
Payload, kg — 300
At cruising speed, km / h — 150-170
Fuel capacity, kg — 100
Range, km — 350-450
WIG can move in shallow water and go to the wild beach with a slope of 5 degrees. Movement on land and opposite converging water at speed is 10-15 km / hr

As for the modification of the winged "Aquaglide-5V", last year completed its tests on Lake Sevan (Armenia). This modification is designed to operate at altitudes up to 2500 m above sea level, as well as for use in hot climates with high humidity. Tests confirmed the stated specifications WIG. It is believed that "Aquaglide-5V" will be sold in 2011, the same time the use of such WIG in Russia is limited, but he can find the demand in other countries of the world, says Ruben Nahapetyan.
He also recalled that, before the release of WIG "Aquaglide-5", was made a series of airfoil type "Amphistar", 11 or 12 have been sold abroad. The winged "Amphistar" was like a harbinger of the winged "Aquaglide-5", it has also been designed for the same passenger capacity, but the car was, of course, we had to bring. However, the entire series built WIG "Amphistar" was sold (and is expensive) foreign buyer.

The winged "Amphistar" had a length of 10.4 m It was designed for five seats. Gross weight is 2300 kg. Airfoil was designed for speed of 150 km / h When fuel supply, 120-horsepower range of 400 km. Seaworthiness (wave height) — 0.35 m winged car engine was equipped with a foreign production, as well as modern navigation and radio communications. In 2000, the market WIG like "Amphistar" estimated at several thousand units at a retail price of $ 300 million should be noted that "Amphistar" was so easy to use that they could control any car enthusiast, held a two-day training course.

"In fact, winged" Aquaglide-5 "is a scale model of the project" Aquaglide-50 "with 50 seats, but got" hitch with the engines — the firm Rolls-Royce (Allison) did not produce its own engines, so the U.S. felt that such engines for the Russian WIG motors are dual-use "- said R.Nagapetyan.

He stressed that at present practically solved all the issues of financial security as a further production of WIG like "Aquaglide-5" and, most likely, other, larger WIG. This is — domestic investor with state participation. There are plans to carry out the Board of Directors, on which all the issues will be addressed, in particular, the priority of the completion of the design and construction of WIG "Aquaglide-30" or "Aquaglide-60."

According to the "Aquaglide-30" almost developed conceptual design. For technical project the company is ready to "get even today." Technical project can be completed in 2011 at the end of 2013 we can expect that the new airfoil will be ready for the Olympics, the head of the company.

Sea passenger WIG craft "Aquaglide-30" (pr.K02) weighing 15,000 kg and a length of 22.5 m is equipped with a propulsion power at takeoff and 2400 hp at cruising — 1750 hp Crew — 3 people. The winged "Aquaglide-30" is designed to carry 28 passengers at a speed of 200 km / h at a distance of 700 km at a seaworthy to 1.5 m, at cruising — up to 0,8 m

"Aquaglide-30" has an amphibious qualities, he is able to recover from the water to the shore, to perform the movement and maneuver on land, start both from land and from the water. To use the winged not need extensive renovation and construction of ports and other special mooring facilities . shoals and shallow water is also not an obstacle to the movement of the winged. most important advantage of WIG "Aquaglide" before the courts displacement is its all-season — the ability to continue to navigate in the winte
r, when ice-bound water surface, said R.Nagapetyan.

The project WIG even bigger — "Aquaglide-60" — is in a stage of development (its preliminary design and is ready) that if funding starts, the two machines ("Aquaglide-30" and "Aquaglide-60") can be prepared by 2013-2014, the winged "Aquaglide-60" is a platform that will fly well and along the rivers, in the north and by sea.

Maritime transport WIG "Aquaglide-60" (pr.K03) weighing 24,000 kg and a length of 23 m at 4 person crew in the passenger and cargo-passenger versions are designed to carry up to 60 passengers or 10,000 kg of cargo at a speed of 120 km / h at a distance of 500 km seaworthy at cruising — up to 1,25 m

For the construction of the winged "Aquaglide-3" 0 "from scratch" to the order of 3-3.5 years. Payback "Aquaglide-30" in the transport company’s business plan is 5-6 years. The price of "Aquaglide-30" will be about $ 3.5 million "analogues in the world yet, and will not be soon — we watch it closely," — said the president of AT & T.

He also added that the company worked through various projects WIG and not just type "A", but the type "B" and "C". For example, for the winged MPE-200 company bought all the technical documentation from a foreign company, that is, it has returned "home."

The International Classification for aircraft using ground effect:
Type "A" — WIG, unable to tear away from the screen, which are certified only in the framework of IMO,
Type "B" — apparatus, able, if necessary, beyond the influence of fly screen. They are certified under the IMO with the involvement of ICAO.
Type "C" — aircraft that use the screen only during takeoff and landing. Certify them with the assistance of ICAO IMO.
Sea passenger WIG series MBE are of the type "B" on the classification of the International Maritime Organization to have the ability to tear off the surface of the screen, climb and fly at an altitude of 150 m (limit ICAO). Because of this airfoil type "B" during the flight in cruise mode can overcome almost all possible obstacles on the route. The flight duration in isolation from the "screen" is dictated mainly weather conditions, the situation on the route of movement and economic factors associated with the increase in fuel consumption. Under favorable environmental conditions flying in the zone of influence of screen effect is more cost-effective, said R.Nagapetyan.

He added that the company worked through a number of projects winged "B" type, such as TEM-2, TEM-3, TEM-10 and TEM-200. For example, a marine passenger WIG craft "Aquaglide-200" (pr.K04) Class "A" length of 43 m and with a crew of 7 people, is designed to carry up to 200 passengers (load capacity up to 35 tons) at a speed of 150 km / h at a distance of up to 600 km at seaworthy at cruising up to 2 m

The holding includes AT & T JSC "ATT" and CJSC "New Underwater Technology" (St. Petersburg). CJSC "ATT" organized April 5, 2000 with the aim of developing and building small WIG project "Aquaglide» (Aquaglide). JSC "AT & T" in 2003 acquired the property complex SUE NPP "speed vessels" (Chkalov, Nizhny Novgorod region).





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