Russian YotaPhone became a star CES-2013

Smart phone with two screens — the front and rear panels — has attracted the attention of the international exhibition of electronics. The developer of the "half smartphone, half-Clean you Windows" is a Russian company Yota Devices.

Development of the Russian company Yota Devices (at the end of 2011 stood out as a separate company from "Skartel") — a smartphone with two displays YotaPhone, was presented in Las Vegas at the international Consumer Electronics Show CES-2013.

The device, the main feature of which is the presence of two screens, was announced in December last year and was pretty cool greeted by Russian experts. In America, the smartphone met more friendly: YotaPhone even entered the list of the most interesting and promising developments presented at CES, according to the known resource CNet.

Recall, Yota Devices announced its development in mid-December last year. Then, the company announced plans to introduce YotaPhone at Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona in February 2013. However, the unit has already shown at CES.

Overall YotaPhone has quite standard for modern "tubes" characteristics: it works on the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, controlled by the operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), supports communications standards GSM, 3G and LTE, has two cameras, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

"But": unlike all available in the smartphone market, YotaPhone equipped with not one but two 4.3-inch screens. The first — the basic, color, touch. The second — an additional black-and-white, made by technology e-ink («electronic ink"). These displays are commonly used in devices for reading electronic books.

These screens are "half smartphone, half-Clean you Windows" and have become a major cause of attention to YotaPhone, recognizes CNet.

Another authoritative resource — All Things Digital — also took YotaPhone to interesting innovations CES-2013. "Let’s face it. Regardless of the operating system, most of today’s smartphones look the same: black or white unit with a touch screen on the front panel, perhaps with a few buttons and camera on the back. Boring. That’s why the mobile phone from a little-known Russian producer draws attention, "- said the analyst Bonnie Cha ATD (Bonnie Cha).

Expert information and analytical agency Alexei Boiko believes that the initial interest in the development does not guarantee future success. "Crossing into one device e-ink and LCD touch-screen, of course, has given the novelty of the monotonous design of smart phones, which could not fail to attract some attention. This does not mean that the unit is good or bad, it is just different, and it gave a chance to develop stand out even against the backdrop of global vendor of advanced products, — says the expert. — It reminds me of the famous story of Lefty Bazhov who shod flea. It seems that in the story she stopped dancing, but in fact but no one had fleas are not shod. I hope that the product Yota Devices, when to go into production, will repeat the fate of the fleas. "

In addition, Yota Devices YotaPhone declared victory in the nomination "Best Product» (Best of Show) International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on the version of Internet portal CNET. The editors of the portal, which acted as a jury named the best mobile device YotaPhone exhibition.

The main components of the Russian smartphone supply foreign manufacturers, E-ink display will be made by the domestic Plastic Logic, the assembly will be carried out on the Kaliningrad plant Lotte Electronics. Idea, design and development belong Yota Devices.

As previously reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal citing Yota CEO Vladislav Martynov YotaPhone development budget was about $ 25 million.

The estimated price of the device — about $ 500. "Vedomosti" newspaper, referring to the same Vladislav Martynov, reported that the Russian market price YotaPhone be about 20 thousand rubles. Presumably, the difference in prices is explained by the fact that U.S. units will be sold in conjunction with the operators of discount for contracts. As the press service of the Yota, YotaPhone will be available in the second half of 2013.

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