Russian young people are promoting their inventions

National exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth "NTTM-2011" held in Moscow.

Every year, we gather the best of the creative young people from all corners of Russia.
This year, the exhibition NTTM -2011 involved 1,020 participants from 59 regions of Russia, who represent more than 760 projects in various fields of science and technology.

A significant highlight of the exhibition will be the scientific-practical conference» Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth — the way to a society based on knowledge», dedicated to the commercialization of scientific developments and projects of young scientists, the popularization of science and research activities among the youth, the creation of a new format of intellectual leisure youth.

Traditionally, the exhibition will be held the annual All-Russian competition NTTM. The outcome of the candidates will be identified for the Award for talented youth.

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