Russians are more concerned about the dominance of migrants in Russia

According to polls, 35% of respondents believe the national question — the main problem of the country …

The most serious threat to the country’s population of Russians believe Russia representatives of other nationalities, according toRBCdaily with reference to a new study polls.

Seriously concerned about the dominance of workers 35% of the respondents. Other disturbing Russians danger — the decline of culture, science, education (33%), potential environmental disasters (28%), terrorist attacks (28%), depletion of oil and gas (25%), the split within the ruling elite (24%), the extinction population due to low birth rates (23%) and a sharp decline in living standards (22%).

"People are evaluated on the basis of the threat of what facing directly or learn from the media — said on the sources of ideas about the dangers of director of communications polls Doctor of Psychology Olga Kamenchuk. — You can walk into a store and see that the prices for the products and see inflation. Or see that on the streets of a large number of people who look different. People feel that pressure. "


In addition, words Kamenchuk, "Migration is a significant amount of material in the press, and a lot of talk on television, the same thing can be said about the scandals associated with the sphere of education and science."

However, the overall level of anxiety Russians considerably lower than it was at the beginning of similar observations polls. In 2005, the collapse of Russia into several independent states quite likely believed 34% of Russians (now — only 9%), and the revolution and civil war — 27% (now 10 and 13%, respectively).

However, the situation of migration in Russia from day to day is only getting worse. It is no accident that one of the main applications of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin in recent months has become a national issue in the capital. Sobyanin, in particular, demanded that the police severely suppress the so-called "Caucasian wedding" and strongly opposed the creation of national enclaves in Moscow.

"The people who do not speak in Russian, which have quite a different culture, it is better to live in their country. Therefore, we do not encourage them to adapt in Moscow ", — said the mayor in a tough interview with the newspaper" Moscow News ". "I think that Moscow — Russian city, and so it should remain. Do not the Chinese, not the Tajik and Uzbek, "- said the mayor.

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