Russians live richer Europeans

In 2011, new car sales in Russia amounted to 17.6 units per 1000 residents.

This figure is lower in countries such as Portugal (14.4), Slovakia (12.5), Estonia (11.7), Poland (7.2), Hungary (4.5), Ukraine (4.5) Latvia (3.9), Lithuania (3.7), Romania (3.7), Bulgaria (2.6). As a whole, Eastern Europe, the figure is 12, experts have estimated the agency "AUTOSTAT. " Thus, we can conclude that the Russians are now living is richer than their Eastern European neighbors.

However, to Western Europe, we still far away. For example, in the largest European market in Germany in the last year per 1,000 population had 38.5 car, which is 2.2 times higher than the Russian level. In Switzerland (42.1), Austria (43.4) and Belgium (55.0), these figures are even higher. In the range of 30 to 35 new cars per 1000 inhabitants is sold in such countries as France (34.4), the Netherlands (33.4), Sweden (33.7), the UK (31.9), Italy (30.1) . Among the countries of Eastern Europe, the best figure in Slovenia — 29 cars. At the same time, in the "pre-crisis" Spain and Portugal for sale 1,000 residents dropped to 20 and 14 cars, respectively. And in the "crisis" of Greece in general have failed to 9 cars per 1000 inhabitants, which is two times lower than in Russia.

Director of analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" Sergei Tselikov notes that "as close to" our "country level for this indicator is the Czech Republic, where for every thousand inhabitants in 2011, there were 17 new vehicles."

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