Russians won gold and silver in walking 20 miles with a world record at the Olympics

At the Olympic Games in London in race walking gold medalist in women has become a Russian Elena Lashmanova, setting a world record.

Another representative of the Russian Olga Kaniskina won a silver medal at the third place is the Chinese Tseyan Shentsze. Anisya Kirdyapkin took fifth place. 

The Olympic Games. London (UK)

Athletics. Women. Walking, 20 km

1. Elena Lashmanova (Russia) — 1.25,02 — World Record
2. Olga Kaniskina (Russia) — 1.25,09 
3. Tseyan Shentsze (China) … — 1.25,16
5. Anisya Kirdyapkin (Russia) — 1.26,26










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