Russo-phobia — the lot of aggressive savagery of militant ignorance, who revolt against the culture, morality and awaken the beast in man

Interview with Vazgen Avagyan

— What is russophobia?

— Russo-phobia — a phenomenon not a political or nationalist. It is not associated with a particular party or ethnic goals. First of all, the Russo-phobia — a political shell of savagery and ignorance. Therefore Russophobe may be a Russian, and a Russian, for that matter, and to love Russia. All that matters is the quality of education and training. Russo-phobia — the lot of aggressive savagery of militant ignorance, who revolt against the culture, morality and awaken the beast in man. Russian because of its direct legacy of the Roman and Byzantine empires (along with Greeks and Armenians) are carriers of the civilized principle which Europeans largely been lost, and, in fact, were initially denied, and so it became a target for Russian savages. It's all very simple: the more savage — and the more furious. The most primitive Europeans are most russophobes. If the monkeys were able to raise the national question, they would themselves exemplary russophobes.

— What do you think about the Russian role in the global economy?

— Is there such a thing as an "economic collapse". It's difficult, but I'll explain in simple examples. If every day for a few grams to reduce the rate of horse nutrition, while there will be a savings in feed, and the horse will not feel anything. But as a result of the horse sooner or later, but inevitably fall. Another well-known example: if a frog put in a pot of cold water and slowly bring the water to a boil, then she will not feel anything, do not even try to jump out — just slowly cooked and die.

In economics, there are trends that would inevitably result in a collapse, if something does not interrupt. This is the West European civilization, so is the Asiatic mode of production. If you give a long pledged to freely develop their potentialities, they inevitably collapses. The bottom line is that you can not compress the object to infinity, there will come a time when he is sure to break. And can not extend to infinity thing — it would break during expansion.

As Western European capitalism and the Asiatic mode of production can exist only if something is holding them, to prevent the end to realize the internal potency. And it so happens that these are the ideas coming from Russia. I've often said the Swedes, for example, do you understand that all of your wonderful life only became possible only because we have, the Soviet Union? However, I was cunning …

— You do not believe in the role of the Soviet Union as a threat to capitalism and counterbalance the West?

— No, it's just I believed and believe. Yes, and what to talk about now when everything is clear — there is no Soviet Union, no fun carefree life in the West. I dissembled in the other, calling Swedes wonderful life …

— She does not like that?

— It is a life freaks. A hungry man got into their mushroom kingdom, some time will, of course, eat off and nothing to think about. But the lack of satiety, and then we have to liberal "reforms". However, a tightly packed stomach does not prevent a person becomes a complete geek.

Here is an example of a purely school. Swedish course on "Modern Family." The first lesson that is taught by teachers, the story of a family that lived in a "civil" marriage (in Swedish "Sambo", even invented a special word!). In this family, had children and left. Now they have other partners, and children too mess that is called "modern Swedish family." But this is only the beginning. Furthermore, interviews with the father-homosexual, who, along with her mother, a lesbian artificially conceived a child and now it brings up.

Son lives one week with my dad, and one week with their mothers — Anna and Lisa. For the son of this is natural. But sometimes he says he wants them to live together, four of them: a son, Ivan, his father Ula, the mother of Anna and Lisa. But then the father explains to his son that his mother and Lisa are in love and they want to live in his own apartment. Therefore, they continue to live: my mother's father's house and home.

Then an article about when gay men and lesbians have rights in Sweden and they were officially permitted to adopt children like any marriage, etc. Give information where you can read about more Internet address. Next put the scale of growth of gay and lesbian marriages. All of this is adjacent to the text about how bad when a woman should get married, have children, raise them and take care of her husband, of all the relatives. And in Sweden, now everything has changed for the better: do not live with a man, if you do not love him, the rights of women and men are equal, and social status does not depend on whether you are married or divorced … then there is a big article about how children communicate their parents. Further describes the old men who have lived a very hard life together with each other and having lots of children.

Any normal person understands that such a freak show should not be allowed and that Russia — the most formidable guard in the way of such practices peculiar to Western civilization flawed.

— … Which inevitably gave rise to a total collapse of life, if not for the beneficial effect of centuries of Russian?

— That's right. It's sotsiopatologiya extreme, which blooms in the western society. The higher a person in his social status in the West — that it is essentially a degenerative. That's just one example: the famous French actor Alain Delon pleaded with his son Anthony for the right to use the brand «A. Delon »Perfume. You can imagine that my father not only gave his son his own name, but even his own son contested the right to use the common name recorded in the passport? And what is interesting: how he, a representative of the public profession, is not afraid of public opinion? So Europe is in the order of things! And why would he, the old, the money for a cologne that he, dying of hunger? At the time, publicist I.Solonevich described a similar situation the Court of father and son fishing in Germany, for the part of the lake where they were fishing. But some fishermen of the early twentieth century, and then himself, Alain Delon!

For me it is clear that not only economic, but also moral, ethical, life-affirming ideas of Russian serve the preservation of Western civilization. Russian innovation, Russian philosophy and world view, finally, fear of Russian invasion — does this to some extent flawed human beings.

— You do not exaggerate!

— The poor, when they go into a separate mental creativity, generate such a misery that is funny and scary. Here's an American law enacted seriously, legitimately, by a vote of: Idaho forbidden to fish while sitting on a camel. Or other such mental activity swatches Americans: Baltimore is not allowed to come to the theater with the lions. In New Orleans, you can not tie crocodiles to hydrants.

In the city of Zion in Illonoyse Never give a lighted cigar to cats, dogs and other pets. In Hartford, Connecticut officially banned by local legislators to cross the road on their hands.

In New York, those who jumps off the roof of the building facing the death penalty (this is the surest way to commit suicide, if not break it — burn the electric chair.)

Is it possible to own such laws to pave the way for the future of human civilization? It does not need to laugh and cry. Before us savagery and ignorance, mental handicap, sociopathy in its purest form. Naturally, one grows and russophobia: Rump civilization scared to even look at her locomotive — Russia. Do you think they ever would have come out into space, if not competing with Russian?

Russian pressure on these disabled mind manifested in two forms: feeding and pressure. Both of them are very fruitful. Russian weakness lies in the fact that the Russian by building something, immediately begin to break it down and build a new, and people are less active, was obtained from the constructed more material benefits, because they do not break down immediately.

— It turns out that the actions for the protection and support of Russian as a people, always coincide with the protection and support of humanity, human culture, civilization, and actions hostile Russian, inevitably contain the enmity of the humanistic values?

— This is related to Russian historical mission that extends beyond any ethnic boundaries. Take the Baltic States or Western Ukraine. What is there expressed russophobia? In marches remnants of SS legionnaires and other Nazi scum. They hate the Russian, but do not hate their ethnicity? Did the Nazis killed only Russian? Fascism was at war with the world culture and planetary humanity, trampled on human morality. Thus, we clearly see that in the Baltics and Ukraine, and by the way, we have, in the Caucasus, russophobia irreversibly fused with misanthropy, with misanthropy in the broadest sense.

Russophobe developed man can not be. Take a look at what areas of Ukraine the most economically developed, the most well-fed? East, where they live Russophile. And what are the most flawed, the poor, hopeless, subsidized? Western Ukraine, where many Russophobia. It turns out, not only Russophobes, but simply limited because the economy and its way of life, they are not able to adjust.

— How do you think what is the reason?

— Very simple. People learn, develop brain grow spiritually and gradually understand the Russian historic mission. When a Russian doctor Pirogov invented anesthesia (anesthesia during operations) — he invented it, not only for Russian. For everyone. And Gagarin was launched into space for everyone. And the light bulb Ladygina not only Russian lit in homes and tractor Blinov not only Russian land plow, and Sikorsky helicopters, and televisions Zvorykina … Here and call all the technical Russian Revolution produced in the world of science, it is not possible: it will be a folio not an interview. It came up with Russian tsars detente, disarmament and international arbitration, now embodied in the work of the UN. And if they do not come up with — and hitherto war would begin, as in the days of Bismarck …

However, now that Russia has weakened, it does. The greatest value in the world — peace loving, anti-war initiatives — is Russian mission to the planet and without Russian execute it to no one. I say Russophobia pyzhites Well, you do not drown in their own Russian bloody vomit, because the braking mechanism organically deprived. Russophobes in the Balkans, for example — it's a bucket filled eyes torn out political opponents. Since the Croatian Ustashe did to the Serbs. I think here it is clear that the Croats — russophobes, at the same time and the opponents of any human civilization, all of humanity, in which lies care about the person. I did not invent it, just noticed, and I ask you also to witness: HOW ALL CRUEL TO RUSSIAN, cruelty ALSO TO ALL OTHER PEOPLES, ALL of the human race. This is a clear relationship between the Russo-phobia and spiritual degeneration, the degradation of human beings.

— Apparently, it is inevitable once russophobia and misanthropy merge inseparably?

— I think so. Question: What do all of us. I think, live and affirm life. Affirmation of life always is good for Russia and Russian, and the support of hundreds of united Russian civilization nations, like springs, must fuel the great Russian river …

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