Ryazan company TNK Lubricants has launched a new filter system

TNK-BP completed another large-scale modernization of the oil production at its subsidiary LLC "TNK Lubricants".

 Photo source:rzn.info

November 10, the head of LLC "TNK Lubricants" Ivan Mirchev and chief engineer Evgeny Golubev demonstrated to representatives of regional media key facilities, talked about the stages of a major renovation.

 Photo source:rzn.info

The company held the line automation of loading and incorporated into the process a new filter system. Innovations will fully meet the needs of clients in the packaged hydraulic oils with guaranteed purity class 8-10. As a result of the comprehensive modernization of the production unit performance hydraulic oils tripled to 10.8 tons per hour.

"We have completed one stage of modernization — said Ivan Mirchev — For us it is not a one-time, one-time event. This is our strategy in a competitive environment. Now we are able to remain a leader among domestic manufacturers of oils, and in some areas we successfully compete with international brands. "

 Photo source:rzn.info

Today the range of LLC "TNK Lubricants" is about 100 types of oils. They are in high demand among car enthusiasts as well as in various industries. Ivan Mirchev said that oil TNCs — the best Russian oil.

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