Ryazan craftsmen from old photographs and drawings to recreate the legendary three-ton

Ryazan craftsmen from photographs and drawings to recreate the car that nowadays can be seen, perhaps, only in the newsreels. A former tour guide of the museum Ryazan vehicles Anatoly Shalimov said that for the first time this car has been designed at the "VMS" or "AMO" in 1933. During the war, it was the favorite car of the soldiers. His colloquially referred to as "Zahar".


To restore this rare book took a long time. Anatoly Ivanovich, not without pride shows cab rare book restoration which took more than six months. First, wooden box, which is upholstered in order to save clapboard, pedals, leatherette seat. Virtually all parts and spare parts "Zahara" have to do manually. During the war in our country, these reliable machines manufactured 300,000. Its power is 75 hp

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