Rybinsk designers have developed a new dual-fuel marine gas turbine engine

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October 10. JSC "NPO" Saturn "has completed work on a government contract for OCD" Development of technologies for the creation of marine gas turbine engine (GTE) with a complete resource to 100,000 hours of 8 MW (based on a gas turbine engine 4th generation, developed for the government customer) and on gazoturboagregata based marine (ship) TBG capacity of 8 MW. "

For the first time as a marine turbine engine ignition combustion chamber applied plasma jet ignition system, which provided steady start, as the gas and liquid fuel, and reduce the allowed range of the outer trim.

According to the Managing Director of JSC "NPO" Saturn "by Ilya Fedorov"the development of dual-fuel turbine engine marine applications with capacity of 8 MW is an event for "Saturn", and for the whole of the Russian engine. We look forward to the launch of a new home development in industrial production. In the course of this work received a huge technological advance for use in the further development of CCD terrestrial applications. "

In accordance with the contract of "NPO" Saturn "from July 2009 to September 2011, been developing a dual-fuel (gas / oil) GTE marine execution capacity of 8 MW. The terms of reference to make demands on the transition from one fuel to another is at a standstill GTE without additional equipment.

At the end of 2010, the prototype was first put to the test. During the year, was completed a full cycle of testing, including test efficiency of gas turbine engines on liquid and gas fuel, rated thermal performance of the sample, starting characteristics, maneuvering characteristics and the thermal state of the major components for each type of fuel alone. All the experimental tests confirmed the declared characteristics.

Verification of emissions (NOx) to the newly developed combustion chamber satisfy the requirements of the terms of reference, and the emissions of diesel is much lower than diesel engines (in accordance with MARPOL 73/78 diesel engines only in 2017 reached the same rules) .

Conducted testing of the local management of GTE, which includes an automatic fuel oil and fuel gas flow automation system. Achieved a high degree of automation control of CCD, before starting the operator specifies the type of fuel, the rest of the process from start to stop automated.

All the systems that support the operation of CCD, manufactured in hardened contractors and marine applications and are certified rosgortehnadzora and Maritime Register.

In the process of acceptance by the customer was presented the design documentation and working example. The tests on the agreed program in the presence of the customer. At the same time GTE was presented to representatives of Maritime Register, documentation and a prototype model of CCD approved Maritime Register.

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"Scientific and Production Association" Saturn "- engine-building company specializes in developing, manufacturing and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for military and civil aviation, power-generation and gas installations, ships of the Navy and civilian vessels. JSC "NPO" Saturn "is included into" United Engine Building Corporation "- a wholly-owned specialized subsidiary of OJSC" UIC "OBORONPROM" for engine assets.
JSC "United Industrial Corporation" Oboronprom "- a diversified engineering group established in 2002. It is a part of "Russian Technologies". The main tasks include helicopter (JSC "Russian Helicopters"), engine (MC "UEC") and other assets. The corporation sales in 2010 exceeded 170 billion rubles.

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