Rybzavod Buryatia started to supply products to the Russian regions


In Buryatia increasing demand for fish products. Is claimed to fish factory "Baikal", which for half a year increased its sales in half. 

Fish factory "Baikal" has been working for one and a half years. If at first the product was about one hundred items, now it produces more than 200 kinds of products. The plant, in addition to salt and smoked fish, makes preserves, salads of seaweed, fish, smoked and semi-finished products, packs up snacks. Since last year, production increased by half of the cisco, and sales volume has doubled.

By the way, the plant is very like to come delegatsii.Byli People's Khural, Agricultural Academy, the Korean delegation. Everyone is interesting to see the modern large enterprise. For example, delegates from Korea were delighted. In the processing of fish and seafood in the predominantly manual labor. And we basically automated. Also, many of the guests is surprising range of manufactured products — from raw fish to preserves. In the same North Korea to have a fish frozen fish factory, and all.

Every morning tasting manufactured goods, carried out tests in laboratories. Since the quality of the fish and game is very different from the party, even a place catches matters. For example, cisco Kabansky and barguzin. Completely different, and it is necessary to work with him too for different recipes. Only after tasting party products are available in stores and on the shelves.

A special emphasis of production — production of fish products from the region breeds: Baikal cisco and whitefish. There are cisco in a gift box, in barrels, that is not ashamed to present in any city in Russia and abroad. All this is made stylish and modern.

Know-how — from the baked salmon. It is ready fillets pitted, it is marinated and then exposed in buckets. These pieces can be fried on a grill outdoors or at home.

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