SAAB production on RCC RBS15 underway

SAAB production on RCC RBS15 underway
The Swedish company SAAB has received an order from his own team-mate German Diehl BGT to create missiles «surface-to-surface» RBS15 Mk3 amounting to SEK 168 million with an option for 83 million is slated for the period 2014-2016 years, reports August 13.
«This order is crucial for future cooperation with our German partner and provides an opportunity to further improve this missile system. From a broader point of view, this order is yet another confirmation of opportunities for our company to do the assumed long-term commitment to the growth of the implementation of missiles outside Sweden, «said Vice President Thomas Samuelson (Tomas Samuelsson).
Heavy anti-ship missile system RBS15 Mk3 has a range of over 200 km, also has the ability to destroy ground targets. This system is in service in Germany, Poland and Sweden. The missile can be launched from shore, sea and air carriers.
Saab is one of the leading global producers of military and civilian products. The company has partners in all continents and constantly develops its products to please the changing requirements of customers.

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