Sadism in U.S. schools

A few days before the start of the new school year, the public spoke again about the problem of school sadism. According to the latest figures of the American Psychological Association (APA), about 40% of pupils aged 8 to 17 years old are subjected to physical and (or) mental abuse.

This terrifying figure has not changed since the mid-70s of the last century — from the time that the U.S. government started to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to fight child and adolescent cruelty.

"The main problem lies in the fact that our government does not pay enough attention to each child individually humiliated — says Richard Hurt, a specialist in working with difficult adolescents from the state of Maine. — Fighting with sadism superficial. Seminars, brochures, psychological trainings — they all consist of the common phrases that demean immersed in an even more depressed. "

Hurt is absolutely right. Personally, I for one have never understood why hold a demonstration in support of equality among students or spend millions of dollars on merchandise with slogans like No Bully Zone, Stop Bullying or Peace is Popular — Bullying is Not. You would think that such actions will encourage sadists give up bullying the weak.

"If we want to eradicate school sadism, we must act on the sadistic, and not to engage in idle chatter in the media — continues to Hurt. — We need an experienced psychologist, who will be face to face work with violent teenagers. In addition, classroom teachers should be given anti-sadism longer than the educational process. Children's health is above knowledge. "

And with that phrase Hurt could not agree more. Hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to fight with the school sadism, can be spent on the creation of special units, consisting of experienced psychologists. And such a department should work in every middle-, and high cheekbones-school in the United States.

For example, in one of the Florida schools sadism problem was solved ordinary history teacher Rob Clarke, who for two decades served in hot spots. Former veteran for several hours telling sadists, why you should not make fun of the weak. His story, he accompanied the stories of life. Said he heard struck torturers — to say nothing. On the same day they asked for forgiveness from his victims.

Most interesting is that no one complained about Clark. He saw himself, and who bullied him in class.

"Ignoring the relationship between teenagers, we commit a crime, — the teacher. — Anyone can be turned into a sadistic friendly person. The main thing is to find the right approach to it. It is difficult, but it is feasible. "

Clark served as the act of a story line for several Hollywood films, and then many psychologists have come to the conclusion that working with difficult children should not just psychologists, and people with more life experience. Today as "fighters from the sadistic" does not stand up to scrutiny.

"I was kicking and name-calling almost every day — says 15-year-old high school student from New York in the online blog. — No one pays attention to it. One teacher sorry for me, but they are silent. Other teachers standing up for me, but the humiliation is still ongoing. I — an ordinary loser. Those in our school a few dozen. "

Anonymous surveys organization Troubled Teens have shown that most teachers do not pay attention to school sadism, for two reasons. First, violence in the relationship between the children — a widespread phenomenon. Teachers believe that respond to each trick sadists they just can not. Second, the struggle with school monsters are not the responsibility of the teachers, and government employees have been known to live "for instructions."

School psychologists — a separate conversation. They are best described by a former investigator Juvenile Bill Jacobson:

"Do you really think that the middle-aged woman from a wealthy family, which received an excellent education at the university, will be able to communicate on an equal footing with the 15 — 17-year-old sadists who live in criminal law? This is ridiculous! Our state instructs the fight with the school's sadistic people who have only theoretical knowledge. "

A few years ago, Jacobson suggested that the federal government adopt a new job in schools — a fighter with a child and adolescent cruelty. Moreover, these professionals should have received a separate entity, which is very different from the education of teachers or psychologists.

"At least five million children suffer from violence in schools, and we still have not come up with an effective way to protect them — said Jacobson. — If schools are rampant prison laws, then they should work supervisors. The former officers DOC could do to demean more than the current qualified psychologists. "

The acronym DOC Jacobson was referring to the Department of Corrections (Department of Correction — DOC). From time to time various schools in the country are seriously considering hiring former supervisors. And so they know how to rein fans make fun of the weak.

The upcoming training will not be an easy season for American students. It is an indisputable fact. All kinds of fighters for justice — from ordinary adolescent psychology to politicians at the federal scale, did nothing to help the children humiliated. Today, for example, they did not even exist a free phone line where you can get confidential emotional support, or ask for advice. Is a reasonable means of struggle with school sadists lawmakers consider too expensive.

It turns out that the protection of children, which blew all and sundry, is reduced to a trivial ostentation. How to write a single user online forum is being bullied from 6th to 12th grades: "To win the school sadism, you need to stop talking about him. Entrust this mission to people who do not aspire to public notoriety. " It is likely that this comment is the key to solving topical problems.

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