Sales of foreign cars assembled in Russia in 2012 increased by 22% compared to the year 2011!


In the third issue of the newspaper in 2013 Autoreview out a detailed analysis of automobile sales in Russia in 2012. Since electronically article has not yet appeared on the site, took the liberty of reprinting the paper edition, for which no pity blood 87 rubles 60 kopecks.

Data only on cars

Market recovery is successfully completed, the pre-crisis record prodazhpobit: last year the Russians acquired 2,759,000 cars — 15 million more than the pre-crisis 2008! And compared with 2011 growth of 11.2%, or 279,000 vehicles.

The days when the Russian car market grew by 30-50% a year, were left behind. Preferential government loans and Avtostar recycling program ended in 2011, the same percentage of credit sales came in at the current level of 43%, slightly below the pre-crisis figure of 47%. So last year’s increase of 11.2% can be called natural. And even with such a "modest" result we have taken the fourth place among the major markets in terms of sales growth. And in terms of market Russia remained in sixth place in the world (after China-14, 68000000, 14500000, U.S., Japan — 5370000, Brazil — 3,630,000 and Germany — 3.08 million) and second in Europe.

The main increase was in the foreign cars assembled in Russia: their sales rose by 22% and now they account for almost half of the market — 46.7%. New car imports also grew by 13% — the share market has reached a third. But the age-old Russian car sales fell by 9%.

The most popular in Russia still remain inexpensive cars + class, but the proportion is gradually reduced — from 39.4% in 2011 to 36.8% in the past. Russia is still a country sedans — they accounted for 36% of all cars sold. The share of hatchbacks fell from 26% to 23% of sales, while generalists consistently held 6.5%. Crossovers and SUVs come — for a year, their share rose from 27% to 31% (862,000 cars!)

Premium segment, as before, is growing faster than the market — by 29%, to 183 thousand vehicles (6.6% of sales). But, according to the consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers, the capacity of the Russian market increased by only 21% to 71 billion dollars. In other words, the average price of a car in Russia increased by only 8.3% — from 23,745 dollars to 25,734 dollars. This suggests that the attitude of Russians to the choice of a car is becoming more balanced and far-sighted. On the one hand the share of cars with "automatic" over the past year has increased from 36% to 42%, but the demand for luxury cars with a "full ground meat" falls in favor of a more democratic version.

The share of diesel cars has increased slightly — from 5.6% to 6.8%, and the demand for hybrid cars has decreased from 2286 to 2110 cars. In addition, 51 electric car sold!

What’s next? The exchange rates are stable, oil prices remain at a high level of 110 dollars per barrel. But it seems that at the present stage of development of the Russian economy car market has reached saturation in the coming years, the volume of sales will go far from the level achieved in the 2.8 million passenger cars.

I’d add. This year, Russia launched new production facilities. Will release a full-cycle and selling models such as the Skoda Yetti, Skoda Fabia, VW Jetta and Chevrolet Aveo at GAZ. Nissan Almera and Renault Logan at AvtoVAZ. Is about to begin production of Mazda 6 and the Ford Kuga. At the same time, I do not consider the possibility of expanding existing production facilities on a full cycle and SKD assembly of a type of Autotor. It is hoped that these poistene huge efforts will help meet the growing demand (especially in the low-cost segment) and we’ll go through the cherished mark of 3,000,000 vehicles. And if the crisis in the euro area will increase and sales in Germany will fall, it is possible to climb one place in Europe and 5th in the world!

Just last year there was good growth in truck sales. This in the near future I will write …

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