Sales Superjet at Le Bourget

Russia in Le Bourget managed to sell 12 aircraft SuperJet 100

Indonesian charter carrier Sky Aviation agreed to buy 12 passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 at the air show in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, reports "Interfax". The deal, as well as delivery times, not reported.

June 17 Bloomberg notes that the Mexican company Interjet intends to purchase twenty SuperJet 100 for a $ 650 million so that the sum of a deal struck with Sky Aviation Air Show in French, could exceed $ 350 million (catalog price SuperJet more than $ 30 million).

Previously, the newspaper "Vedomosti" wrote that during the air show in Le Bourget, could be announced agreement for another 10 aircraft. Buyer, as indicated by the publication, will deliver a Russian organization, but a final decision on signing the agreement no.

Right now the Russian UAC already have 170 firm contracts for the supply SuperJet 100, of which 104 have concluded foreigners: the largest — the American and Indonesian Kartika Pearl Aviation (30 aircraft). The same number of aircraft bought "Aeroflot", received in June, the first plane.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 is designed to carry up to 98 passengers at a distance of 4.4 thousand kilometers. It should be noted that the SuperJet 100 international premiere took place two years ago it was at Le Bourget.

49th International Air Show at Le Bourget began work on June 20. It is expected that in 2011, the air show will come to demonstrate their new members in 2100, which would be a record in the history of the event. The organizer of the Russian exposition stands state corporation "Russian Technologies".

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