Sales volumes of nano-products in the Vladimir region for the six months amounted to 2.2 billion rubles


August 31, Committee of Public Relations and Media Committee, with the assistance of Industrial Policy and Science Administration Vladimir region had a single information day for the regional media on the topic "State support for the creation of innovative enterprises in the field of nanotechnology."

According to the chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Science Vitaly Lonskaya, the development of nanotechnology in the Vladimir region as a separate line in the industrial and economic policies in the region began in 2008. It is conducted in cooperation with the State Corporation Vladimir enterprises (now — JSC) "RUSNANO" and drawing on other sources of funding.

Government support for research and innovation in the Vladimir region are one of the main activities of the regional power sector to create innovation ("new") economy, modernization and diversification of the region’s industrial complex. In the Vladimir region is created and works effectively integrated system of promotion and development of modern industry. The necessary legal framework, is the state support of investors, encouraged the efforts of industry, academia and promotional organizations in this field. It appears necessary organizational and advisory support.

In the framework of the Council for the Development of nanotechnology at the governor to assist organizations in the region to co-financing of projects on the consciousness of industries in the field of nanotechnology administration of Vladimir region on a regular basis provides organizational and methodological support for cooperation with enterprises of JSC "RUSNANO" and SC "Vnesheconombank".

In particular, for the competition through the "RUSNANO" was presented 15 projects. Today JSC "RUSNANO" is co-financed 4 projects: CJSC "RM Nanotech", JSC "Microbor Nanotech" (both — Vladimir) Ltd. "VladPoliTeks" (city Sudogda), as well as the project of Russian-Israeli company "MSLR" on the premises of Technopark "HPE" Tochmash "(Vladimir). Vitaly Lonskaya stressed that the current volume of investment that they bring $ 3.5 billion. "A total investment capacity of the projects implemented in the region in the field of nanotechnology is more than 20 billion rubles, — Said Vitaly Bronislavovich. — According to statistics, the volume of sales of nano-products is growing. If last year, the figures were 2.8 billion, over the six months of the year — 2.2 billion rubles. "

In the course of a single day of Vladimir information journalists learned about the work of the two companies working with nanotechnology.

Vladimir’s "SPE" Technofilter "received a special state support according to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09.04.2010 № 218, as the organization implementing a comprehensive project to create a high-tech production.

The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of microfiltration membranes and corrugated filter elements. Range produced by the filter elements (membranes, depth and sorption) can provide high-quality filtering for biopharmaceutical companies, medical, food, chemical, electronics, defense and other industries.

"SPE" Technofilter "exports its products to 20 countries and has representative offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India and Asia.

This company using nanotechnology in their work, is not a member of the "RUSNANO" by funding its activities from its own profits.

But Sudogodskoye LLC "VladPoliTeks" was included in the number of projects financed by JSC "RUSNANO", and has received regional state aid. There is organized innovative manufacturing retardant PET fibers from waste PET (plastic bottles), the modified nanoparticles, preventing burning and mildew, as well as non-woven materials made of flame-retardant PET fiber.

Production of these materials can not only reduce the cost of technology in the construction of insulating surfaces, but also helps to improve the ecological status of many Russian regions as well as taking in the processing of used plastic bottles and other containers. In addition, the acquisition provides non-combustible, microbicides and metallic non-woven materials, which can be widely used in the production of protective and special outfits.
The successful operation of both companies can address issues of employment. So, on the "SPE" Technofilter "some 100 high-paying jobs. At «VladPoliTeks" was created an additional 120 jobs, including eight jobs for people with disabilities.

01.09.2011 Vladimir Business Portal, Press-service of the Vladimir region.

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