Samara region: Kuibyshev Railway warm heat of the Earth (+ video)


At the Kuibyshev Railway spend an unusual communal experiment. There have decided to save heat and departmental buildings with alternative energy source — a special plant accumulates the heat of the Earth. Area control room — 200 square meters. At the Kuibyshev Railway it is the first building that is fully transferred to the alternative heating, and now the building is heated by the energy of the Earth. Batteries are hot in the room, the staff of the item corresponding to the transfer switches and mode of semaphore work in the summer form. In the corner is still hiding old oil cooler, but it is already being called a relic of the past. He was a good, warm, but it’s more it’s not needed. And since you have to open the windows.

Heart thermal systems placed in a small room on the ground floor. The principle of the system is quite simple: straight down from the building drilled six wells to a depth of 45 meters each, are laid inside the pipe so as to obtain three closed circuit. With the pump rises up warm liquid falls down cold, where it is reheated, so that the soil temperature at a depth never changes and is approximately 10 degrees. Above a heat exchanger with a compressor and a pressure of 10 to 60 degrees turn. Simplistically it’s the same thing as an ordinary household refrigerator — cold inside, it is always hot from behind. This is the main point.


Head of the Technical Services Department of civil engineering infrastructure management Kuibyshev Railway Redvan Yakubov explained: "In a well filled electrolyte which circulates continuously in the first circuit, and which comes into the compressor and heat exchanger. This heat of the Earth, it is free. " And it is renewable, unlimited and does not bind the consumer’s contractual relations with suppliers of traditional heat or gas. All you need to run the system, it is electricity. A similar plant uses about 25 kilowatts per day. Depending on the weather outside, intelligent machines themselves know when to turn on and what temperature to escalate pressure on the system, then there is a pause, and the generated heat goes into the house. The outside temperature — minus 10, and the batteries of almost 50 degrees, and all this at a very modest monthly expenses. However, no economic miracle in this — in the initial phase of installation of the equipment cost to the customer almost 3 million rubles. The economic impact will come only after five years. In absolute terms, a small control tower house a year already saves on heating costs over half a million rubles. The experiment was considered a success, and soon begins to warm the Earth’s energy new buildings and new facilities of the railway, which can afford the massive investment. Despite all the obvious advantages, most ordinary consumers to the energy of the Earth is not to dig.


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