Samara, students will collect nano-satellite

The Dutch, along with the students of Samara Aerospace University will assemble nano-satellite space. This decision was made at an international conference for experiments on the spacecraft. Moreover, foreigners are interested in teaching their students on the basis of Samara State Aerospace University. Samara university can become the first in Russia, where they will gather mikroapparat hundreds of times smaller than the domestic. As Samara science is ready to take new heights in the material Tatiana Drozhevkinoy. (VIDEO)

This could be a fantasy 20 years ago — the foreigners in a secret aerospace capital of the country. Now in its foreign experts think tank. The museum SSAU Italians, Swedes, Dutch. At home, engaged in the cosmos. In Samara came to the conference — give cooperation to the new orbit. The Dutch are ready to collect along with the students SSAU satellite the size of a box of crayons — it is thousands of times smaller than domestic vehicles.

— In conjunction with the University we have been developing a small space satellite, provide students the skills and equipment, — the representative of the company "Innovative solutions to MEPC" (The Netherlands) Abe Bonham.

— The whole world is moving in this direction. And we are only speculate. We also have to move along this path of micro and nanotechnologies and training students on this basis, — said Professor Samara State Aerospace University Igor Belokonov.

3 days to pull Samara science in international educational orbit. Foreign partners are ready to participate in the Russian experiments. Progress in Samara Space Center launches a satellite next year Bion-M — So 15 years later to resume medical-biological research in space.

— Held a number of bio-experiments, which will learn the mechanisms of formation of pathological conditions, which we can already apply in clinical practice in the world, — said Deputy Director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Boyarintsev.

On the stocks TsSKB Progress is going and other satellite "Foton-M" — For experiments in materials science. Looking for partners and this conference.

— There is an opportunity to place their equipment on this unit. This means that in the coming years, in 2013, you can get the first real results — the first deputy general director, chief engineer of "Samara Space Center PROGRESS" Sergei Tyulevin.

Together with TsSKB Progress made and its satellite SSAU students. It was called "Stork". Fly into orbit in April next year. One small "Stork" — is 20 micro satellites. Such machines now do a lot abroad. And we are ready to do now SSAU — intend to conclude a partnership agreement with the Netherlands. Nano-satellites passing loads are attached to huge domestic "Bion" and "photon". They will investigate not only the near space.

— Studies of the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury. The next 10-15 years, there are prospects of participation in it, including young scientists, students, — explained the rector of the Samara State Aerospace University Eugene Shakhmatov.

Words of the president may seem fantastic students. As once no one could imagine that people from another planet, aliens — will share expertise in the aerospace capital of the once closed. Tatiana Drozhevkina, Andrew Krivopalov. News province.

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