Samosvetyaschieesya education in Novosibirsk


Samosvetyaschieesya education in Novosibirsk
01.12.03, the


Placed on the photograph below shows a disc-shaped object, about 18 meters in diameter and 4.5 m in thickness, which was observed in Novosibirsk at the hostel of the State Pedagogical University in March 1993. Crowd of students chased the object, and he slowly drifted off the ground in the interval 2.5 km. They are (unconfirmed) tried to throw stones at him, but the stones were rejected and did not reach the object.
A disc-shaped object in Novosibirsk
Then the students were run up under it and had fun because they were dropped from the cap, because the hair from electrostatic discharge stood on end. When the object flew on high-voltage power line, it is nowhere departing, flew along it picked up speed, luminosity, has turned into a bright ball and went up.

Recently, the total number of energy-intensive processes of climatic transformation increases the value and novelty of the processes themselves grozoaktivnosti. The novelty is associated with an increase in the diversity and intensity of lightning. To date, there are more than 20 species of grozorazryadov (volume, sprites, jets, "angels", band, shtorovye, ball, beaded, etc.). And, more often there are bits of cloud-ionosphere, and the number of cloud-to-ground discharges decreases. Dry thunderstorms and changing the sign of lightning discharge line leading to extensive forest fires and damage to power lines, because the positive discharges in 6-8 times more powerful than negative ones.

Storm processes are directly related to the intensity of the local efiroaktivizatsii. A case in Petrozavodsk. The place is characterized by the fact that there is an active fault. It was a very powerful storm, and during one of the bits on the right configuration fault soared blinding bright ribbon. She looked up from the ground and climbing up, has become a classic flying disk. There are 14 consecutive images of the disc.

It has been a lot of photos of luminous objects, and all of them were examined for validity in the public and private photo labs. It should be noted low percentage of success when photographing JI. As a rule, managed to get a successful image 5-8 of 100 negatives.




















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