Samus shipyard launched the first two ship

Samus shipyard launched the first two ship made under the federal program "Development and construction of technical fleet to serve the eastern rivers." This is the first ships built at the plant in the last three years. But not the last. With this federal program Samus plant connects ambitious plans — to build within it must have at least 16 ships.

Ships of the born here in this shop. On one ship takes about 30 tons of special steel and shipbuilding few months of operation. Build a ship — it’s the same as building a house, joke here: you have to provide not only technical serviceability, but also the presence of light and water. Labor sorely lacking, says the director.

Victor Schwartz, director of Samus shipyard"Workers do not have enough hands. This is the most sensitive issue. Verge of bankruptcy, shortages of wages, lack of jobs, the people dispersed. Today, all put together, but still it is not enough "

The plant trying to attract personnel from other regions, for example, 8 people came here from St. Petersburg. Team places great hopes on the federal program for the construction of technical fleet.


Vladimir knol CEO of Tomsk shipping company: "Today, receiving this government order, possibly fully revive the plant, put him on his feet, to return its original name"

Under this program has already built two ship. This is only the beginning. Samus shipyard — one of the top performers of the federal program. Ships of the European part of Russia to build the Moscow Shipyard. In the next three years in Samuskah have to build another 16 ships to the river basins of the Ural Mountains. Upon completion of this work will deal with the question of participation in the second and third phase of the program.   

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