San introduce the first examples of the printer printed solar cells on 8-9 June in Barcelona

Previously been announced that the company’s innovative "Sun" will present the development of print "solar cells" at the end of 2011.

The Russian manufacturer of unique UV printers and inks, developed a UV-LED printers that print on any surface, already 8-9 June at Ink Jet Technology Showcase in Barcelona is the first samples of solar cells, printed on a printer.

Traditional solar cells quickly "burn out" in the sun and is very costly to produce. The principle of operation of new solar cells based on the use of fatty quantum dots and carbon natotrubok. Quantum dots concentrated solar power, nanotubes deliver energy to the battery terminals without loss.

"This is the latest nanotechnology, which greatly increase the energy return, and most importantly — make the battery is almost eternal. In fact, we have made a step in the day after tomorrow! — The director of the Innovation SAN Natalia Stasiuk — Bmeste us this step made by our investors who were not afraid of investments in the technology of the future!"

The main advantage of the new technology is a way to create a battery. Instead of challenging the traditional technology, which requires bulky industrial equipment, innovative company SUN offers easy printing — perhaps at home!

The first samples of printed solar cells made current. This means that very soon, anyone can become the owner of your own "solar power" — on the roof of the house, on a window pane, on clothing. A sample of the new technology can be seen at the exhibition Ink Jet Technology Showcase 8-9 June at the company‘s booth Innovation SAN.

SAN innovative company with the support of RUSNANO and innovation center "Skolkovo" actively working on a promising new technology of applying solar panels on all surfaces by digital inkjet printing.

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