Saratov power plant put into operation new hydraulic unit

At the Saratov GES (branch of JSC "RusHydro") as part of a comprehensive modernization completed reconstruction of hydro number 4. The updated machine was put into operation on April 29 after a successful 72-hour comprehensive testing.

It is the 19th in a row hydroelectric station on which the reconstruction of hydro.

At the Saratov hydroelectric power plant installed 24, including 21 vertical capacity of 60 MW, 2 horizontal bulb (after completion of the reconstruction of their capacity will be 54 MW) hydroelectric and fish ladder capacity of 9 MW. By its dimensions (diameter of the turbine wheel is 10.3 m) vertical Saratov hydroelectric power plant is the largest in Russia. Currently generators Saratov HPP worked for over 30 years, in connection with what is their reconstruction, which will not only prolong their life, but also in the long term (after replacing the turbines) to increase the capacity of each unit by 10% — from 60 to 66 MW.  
The work lasted 10 months, during which experts stations and contractors have made large-scale modernization of the generator. Were replaced active iron stator and winding. New winding has advanced thermosetting insulation having superior moisture resistance, heat resistance and mechanical strength. Replaced with new coil rotor poles, thrust bearing assemblies. Your machine is equipped with modern automatic control system that improves the quality of its regulatory regimes, allows for additional detailed analysis of the turbine and generator.
Soon Saratov HPP will begin and replacement turbines. In accordance with the agreement signed with the company Voith Hydro, provides for the replacement turbine 21 stations and hydroelectric fish ladder. Currently, the factory is the first production of the new turbine, which is planned to be mounted on the hydraulic unit number 10. Already cast impeller hub and part of the blades is their machining.

At the Saratov HPP, as in other branches of JSC "RusHydro", implemented comprehensive modernization program, designed to 2030. As a result, the program should be fully updated with the main and auxiliary plant equipment, which will increase its capacity and efficiency of the use of water resources.

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