Saturn — Gas Turbine execute a contract with TNK-BP

According to the signed in 2009 a contract with the oil company "TNK-BP", Rybinsk company has put on nine stone mine gas turbine units with unit capacity of 8 MW.In February 2013 began to launch six units which were included in the second stage of gas turbine power plant with total capacity of 72 MW. The first three GTA 8RM successfully passed the 72-hour test.

The gas turbine power plant, equipped with units of "Saturn — Gas Turbine" is designed to supply electricity to facilities oilfield "Stone" and will allow the company "TNK-BP" to ensure the required, according to license obligations, the level of associated petroleum gas.
In March 2013, all nine units of the second phase of gas turbine power plant will be in operation.
Oil and gas fields "Stone" is located in the west of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It is located between the GG Nyagan and Khanty-Mansiysk on the left bank and in the floodplain. Obi (Upper Dvuobye). Recoverable reserves are more than 300 million tons.

JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines"— Integrator and supplier of high-performance integrated ground power equipment for the needs of JSC "Gazprom", energy companies, municipal utilities, oil companies, energy-intensive industries.
JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" is the parent company of "UK" United Engine Corporation "for the production of energy and gas pumping units and integrated construction of power generation.

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