SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY Technology is among the top one hundred most


The most advanced technology in the automotive industry called the English online edition of CNET. According to the journalists, who visited all the major special exhibitions in 2012, the technologySAVE DISC TECHNOLOGYwas in the top one hundred most advanced. The main criteria on the basis of conformity which ranks the technologies have become theirreliability, safety, comfort and environmental friendliness

Diskosberegayuschuyu technology SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY developed in 2008 by specialists from Germany, Japan and the Ukraine as part of a mixture friction brake pads INTELLI.

The peculiarity of this technology is that, unlike the others, itinvolves the use of blends of fibers friction exclusively mineral and vegetable origin. As a result of brake pad technology with SAVE DISC TECHNOLOGY,wear of the brake disk is reduced by 2-4 times (depending on the model and operating conditions of the vehicle) and deceleration becomes comfortable and noiseless.  In addition, during the operation of these products on the wheels, no visible wear products. According to the developers INTELLI, this technology is the first in the list of the 6 most important indicators of the quality of the brake pads.

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