Save great legacy

The Russian company to the recording format "Super Audio"

Super Audio CD (abbreviated SACD) — write-once optical audio disc format that allows you to store audio data at a much higher quality than conventional CD

Options SACD deliberately inflated by many times than you can play
today’s equipment. This is done to ensure that in the future our descendants
can fully appreciate today’s "Chaliapin and Richter"

Recording SACD-ROM may contain from 1 to 6 audio channels.
When using only one SACD-band sound duration exceeding 2 hours

Record on SACD occurred when sampling the analog sound at a frequency of 64 times greater than CD-Audio

a dynamic range greater than 120 dB, the frequency characteristic between 0 and 100 kHz.

This combination of frequency response and dynamic range SACD format has opponents of other recording systems, digital or analog.

Asceticism, which was always a Russian phenomenon, was not alien to the modern generation. The educational idea, the idea of promoting classical music heritage became the foundation of the Russian rekordingovoy and production company, "Music of the masses", formed in 2003 and M.M.Serebryanym M.M.Presnyakovym.
Was not a random choice, and the company’s name — "Music of the masses", which dates back to the 20th-30th years. Of the twentieth century, when the Soviet Union came out of the same name inexpensive mass-note series.
The company‘s goal: to offer connoisseurs of classical music, in the hope of thereby also increase their number, an album with recordings of both famous and undeservedly forgotten or considered lost works, involving the creation of the album the best representatives of Russian performing school, and that is especially it is important to provide the highest quality recordings, performed on the best technical level.
The company offers two labels of classical music: International Caro Mitis (produced in format SACD) The masses and the Russian Music (produced in plain audio-CD).
The plans of JSC "Music of the masses" release at least twelve albums a year, as well as organizing live performances created under the auspices of the Caro Mitis label Orchestra «PRATUM INTEGRUM», performed the works of the Baroque and Classical on original period instruments.

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